Monday, May 30, 2011

Aaaw Chelsea's a Follower...

What a little sweetie! Now you can follow me, following you! And Iskra's a follower also. She must think that we're a mad lot out here on the rock. Hi Iskra! Heard from Thomas today. He's in Dubai and it's hot. But more important than all of that. I have a dead rat in my office. It's somewhere behind one of the very large, very heavy cupboards and I have a sitting of our parliament tomorrow, so I can do absolutely nothing about it. I have to sit here and get the documentation ready. It's ghastly. I'm sure it's against OH&S rules.

Anyway. I arrived at work this morning at 7am (yep. because I'm a nutter.)and the wind was howling like a banshee, and it looked as if it would rain, in any minute, so I went out and put up the flags (yep. because I'm a sweetie.) And although it doesn't look like much in the photo, there's a roaring gale going on out there!

So then I checked out the gardens and there's a beautiful fragile iris which I think, will need to become.......a painting!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miki's gone Technical

oh wow oh wow. Only just saw that Miki's following my blog. You little Technical person you. (I wonder if her nine year old son showed her what to do!) I expect comments Miki. Lots of comments.

Success in New Zealand ~ WELL DONE RYAN

...and speaking of his Uncle and Aunt. Aunty Rozzie heard from her brother Ray that his grandson, (Lord this is getting convoluted!) Vanessa's young chap, and therefore Aunty Rozzie's (though the Kiwi's call her Rose!) great nephew Ryan, had won a competition to fly up to Auckland to meet one of the All Blacks, Dan Carter. Isn't that incredible. Evidently Ryan's over the moon. I was rather concerned about putting his photo on the blog, but hey, it's a clipping from a newspaper, and has gone much further then this little blog will travel. Onya Mate.

Swollen paws and little boys

I simply can't believe that I missed such a perfect opportunity. Youngest son belonga me came to his Aunt's house whilst I was taking photos of the puppies. He showed us his hand which was about twice its size, as he had been stung by a paper wasp. Huge red paw looking very swollen and was, he said, very itchy. It wasn't until I was telling his Uncle and Aunt about it today and they said, how come I didn't take a photo for the blog??????? Unbelievable. I had the camera right there! I was so worried about him and his little hand that I didn't take a pic. It would have been perfect. I could have uploaded it this morning and talked about it for ages. Lost opportunity.

Something funny happened on the way......

Well hey. Life is funny isn't it. I mean. If we didn't have a sense of humour I think we'd all just curl up and die. I'm incredibly lucky because my father had an AMAZING sense of humour, and he taught us to laugh all the time, about anything. Not that we're simpering twits. It's just that we find amusement in life's little treasures. Where did that come from? No idea. But moving right along. I've just received an email from Chelsea. She did a presentation at Uni on Friday on Mobile Phones and Love. Communication...whatever. The thing is. She did really well and got 20 out of 20. She sent it to me to watch and read and of course, being the proud Mum, I did both. But here's the thing. I would like to share with you one of life's little treasures. Dad and I were at the Orb on Sunday, feasting on one of Cas's mere morsels, and Barry, Wendy and their two boys were two tables down. One of the boys got a phone call. Without deliberately eavesdropping, we all found out that there was a really big shark at Cascade. Hmm. I then texted Dids. Now wow. This is the new Norfolk Island with mobile phones. Ten years ago it would have taken five minutes for that news to get around Norfolk. Today, with mobile phones, only ten seconds. Did Did's go to the pier. Ai denoe. Ai naewa aas. Bai d taim ai get hoem se gorn kliin aut a mais hied.

Guess what?

Yep. It's lunchtime again and the Golden Orb has saved us a table. Why? Because we are very, very good customers.

What else did we do? I had a Bounty Day Committee meeting because it's almost the 8th June and not only is it the day after Did's birthday, but it's the day of Joy's birthday, and the day before Sheree's birthday. What a month! There's a sitting of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday so the run up to that is always frantic, Norf'k laengwij examinations at the school, my rostered day for SOUL is Saturday, and a hundred other things. Please don't say we sit on our hands on Norfolk. It's no such thing!

Visitors to admire us ~ always welcome

Storm walked in from down the road, to have a play with the puppies

Normally they're very social, but it's lunchtime!

...and more.....

Pop was handed one of the puppies by Bergs and as you can see, she fitted very well so we all shared the moment.

I then had to have another cuddle

and it was so incredibly snuggly, I had another cuddle

and what are those two little blighters doing on the floor? Yep. Biting each other!

and now.....the puppies

The puppies are growing like little weeds. They are so cute and incredibly soft and cuddly. This is one of them just looking very, very cute.

Now here they're simply looking adorable. And don't they know it!

Even I had to have a cuddle, and once I picked one up I couldn't put it down. So soft. So cute. So going to grow into a great big dog!

Here's Berg's and Mishca. Sarah couldn't be seen in public because she had a bad toff.

Lewen orn Norf'k - maaden 'baut!

I suddenly realised that the only photos I've taken are either Dad and I eating... (as we do) or the puppies. There really are other things we do on Norfolk Island and so I'm going to suggest that you people cut and paste this promotional Norfolk Island clip which is today on youtube. Just cut and paste the link below.
Dan Widdowson the Station Manager of TVNI has sent around the email with the above details. It's pretty good. Emily Ryves and Zach Sanders sharing their weekend with us. Watch and experience the bitter taste of hoemsik!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brown Eyed Gels and Waterin Holes

Yep. Back at the Olive. We're seriously thinking of going on a diet. Maybe not this year, but sometime. Naomi has banned the camera. She's such a meanie. I think I've a gift for her. Evidently, back on the West Island she's called.... never mind. I'd better check with her first.

See you soon, and please enjoy.

Homeward bound

So after a pretty full day all round, we went back to Lorilea and Vonnie called in to see what's what. Spent a short time having a chin wag about the weather, the sun, the sky, the full moon, and a hundred other things, den I staat hoem.

What's happening at the Perkins's

Thought we'de better call down on the way home and see if the Puppies are being looked after correctly. Anyone heard of spare the rod and spoil the child No. They haven't either. What little cuties, but ever so spoilt.

Home Horatio and more to do..

Poppy and Friends

Aaron being a poopoo. What else can I say. He's saying dreadful things about a keht's poet!

Beck giving Dad his dinner and he's looking terrified, in case she takes some away!

Naomi checking us out to make sure that we're doing the right thing, and eating all her food. Hates my camera by the way, and has banned it from the Olive. I pay Naomi full attention as always. Her Dad comes over and bakes/cooks/makes/whatever the most delicious sweets. They're sort of doughnuts but more so. He's coming back in July. Naomi's promised!

Dad managing to take in a few morsels to keep the old engine firing...

After the opening on Friday night and then all day on Saturday, I was a trifle beat up, but Sunday dawned bright and sunny so down to Dad's to see what's cookin. As you can see, we managed to make it to the Olive to start the day on the right foot.

Opening of the Gaye Evans Gallery at Soul

Well we had the opening on Friday night at the top end of town and many people came to share our enjoyment. Rather than upload the same images, take some time out after this and check out the and see what I've been up to on the other side of my life.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last night, talking 'bout last night...

Ada in Cristina Rose' fairy room. I don't know whether Cristina calls it her fairy room, but I do.
The end of Pauline's wall and a very large hibiscus by Gaye Evans, artiste extraordinaire!

The other side of the room from Pauline's wall. Looks spectacular now that Lou has done some further decorating. I sincerely miss the fact that I didn't get a photo of her up on the ladder but sometimes one has to forgo one's pleasures in light of one's own security! Check out one of the two card stands she got for us.

Pauline's wall as you walk in the front door which continues down to Nat and Yoyo's wall

Maeve and Beck's wall joining onto my wall, Dids gorgeous all Norfolk pine rocking horse and Eve and Doug's frame board

Maeve and Beck's wall looking fantastic, and Ada showing off Gaye's "Contemplation" with Cristina Rose' hihi's in the background

Shades of the Travelling Wilbury's. Went straight to Soul from work and fixed up a wall some charming child had semi prepared by tearing the wallpaper, then a wall in the kitchen and general stuff. Lou and Ada came along and we finally left about 9.45 pm. I know. I know. But tonight is the big night and hopefully I'll be uploading some WONDERFUL pics morla. In the meantime, check out our progression.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Flat out getting ready for Soul's (finally) opening morla. More people have put stuff inside and it's looking pretty good. Suzanne Evans has amazing product and Yvon has displayed her awesome jewellry. Have no idea how to walk around taking a movie to put on the Gaye Evans Gallery blog. I can't believe that Thomas just walked away. By the way, he's (supposed) to be putting some photos on this blog. You simply have to look at them. His photos are amazing. Rozzie and I went to the County Music Awards night last night and did our thing with the calculators. Jos, Jackie and Kim were supervising and it flowed as smooth as cream. Yet again I had no idea who might win the TransTasman. It was a great night and Aunt Jen gave us top seats. Dids three trophies were displayed opposite the front desk and looked fantastic. Alot of comments on them from visitors as we walked in. All in all, all's good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kathy Lecren's Country Music Award

Some months ago, Dids was asked to make an award for the Country Music Festival, to honour Kathy Lecren. Then he heard nothing more. The Festival started on Monday and he again heard about the Award. He started it the same day, but I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful. Again, please excuse the photo as the photographer is not Cecil Beaton, that's for sure. As usual with Did's art, there's alot of symbolism in the piece. Here's hoping I can remember some of it. The circle is for the feminine principle. Feminism, the moon, womb, egg, unending, enduring. The timber is Norfolk Island Pine for the years that Kathy lived here and for what this Island meant to her, and of course, for what she meant to this Island community. The microphone was because she was VL2NI Radio Station Manager for so very many years and was so popular. Also because Kathy was herself an entertainer at many of the Island's cabaret's and festivals. She was MC for countless events and always did it with class. The top of the microphone is made from New Zealand Elm, because she was a proud New Zealander. Dids would bet that he's the only person on Island with a piece of this wood! The dark stain is to honour her Maori heritage of which Kathy was so proud. A heritage which was immediately noticable in her proud carriage and noble manner. As much thought has gone into the stand, as he has put into the front. Again, the curve carrying through the feminine lines of the Award, self standing leaning slightly back so that the words are easy to read. Room for the winning artist's name for a number of years. A highly waxed finish to bring out the grain. Well done Dids. It's beautiful.

Trumpet Lilies in the Kingston Creek

In the last heavy rains when the whole of Kingston was practically soggy, these beautiful large trumpet lilies grew in the creek down by the convict bridge. Naturally and of course I didn't take any photos but as I drove past at least two times every day, I took note of them and thought they looked like fairie's evening dresses. Beautiful. So I've painted them. Sharyn just came in and said that they are Datura Flowers. Halucegenic and can make you go blind if you play with them. Oh well. They still look good. Far better than the picture. I can't get the camera off flash so none of the detail is showing. Where's that blasted Thomas!

Mothers Day Flowers

Have to show you the flowers that Duane bought me for Mother's Day. They're two weeks old and still going strong. Beautiful aren't they. I'm not so sure that I can give Duane all the credit though.

It's no wonder we're such a big attraction ...

We're just so darned cute. Can't help it of course. We were born that way.

One run round a road

A small outing this morning to Foodies to see what's happening in the world and guess who was out and about. Dakota looking proud as Punch on the back of the truck; the four puppies in various stages of sleep and Greg's little man being taken inside for a show and tell.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Communication in 2011

I simply can't believe it. It's taken me hours to find out how to build a new blog, publish some posts and insert some photos of what we're doing on Norfolk today and already Chelsea and Thomas have commented on it. Don't those two do anything! I'm still in the middle of it trying to work out what to do next.

In answer to Chelsea's what are you doing Mother? I'm trying to create a blog that I can insert photos into so that our family can look at it from way over there. Emails are fine but I have to open the pics one by one and it's painful. I'm hoping that everyone will be able to look at this blog, and we can all comment on it, and keep in touch (whilst watching the puppies grow!) I wish I'd taken more photos of them but I didn't know there was going to be a blog at that time. Off to Soul to paint a Wall. Almost poetical.

First day of Lewen orn Norf'k blogging

Hope you all enjoyed my short chat and will look at it again when I next blog. Which of course could be later today, this evening, or next year depending on the way the world turns or the moon rises in the East.

KAVHA, Kingston, Norfolk Island

I didn't once mention that KAVHA in Kingston, Norfolk Island is now a declared World Heritage Area. I was particularly impressed with the way that David Magri gave credit to the Norfolk Islanders who had worked on the buildings in 1979 and the early '80's. He lauded the skills that they had used to restore the buildings and I thought that was wonderful.

Casuarina Pine for shingles

Add Image...and that's just what we did today. Why do people always ask us what we do on such a little island. Because it's small, we never stop!

Front Gate and inside the walls of the Pentagonal Prison

The front gate towers over the students as David Magri explains how the stones were cut. Inside the existing walls the ruins of the pentagonal prison remains. The outline can be clearly seen from aircraft above Kingston, and more so in summer when the grass dies off.

Year 7 Norf'k Laengwij en KAVHA

Just in case you were thinking that was my entire day, let me assure you that this morning Year 7 had an excursion to Kingston and a look around KAVHA. The Site Manager, Mr David Magri, took them around and as he spoke Norf'k, it was a great experience all round. Kingston looked magnificent and the students had a change to practice their laengwij. But have a look at the photo. How many school excursions can drive in a bus for five minutes and end up at a view like that!