Monday, May 28, 2012

Miss Rylee

I'm not too sure what her Father and Mother thinks about Rylee being on the blog, but when her doting grandmother sends me an updated photo she is just sooooooo cute! So. Here is Miss Rylee, watching the world

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big Al's after party

The next day following clean up is usually the worst. However, in this case, it was absolutely GREAT. A few close friends gathered on the randa at Big Al's to help him celebrate his real birthday, which culminated in their spouses being called to join in and an amazing dinner was had by all!

How does one get the horrific with the absolutely cute on the one blog post? Simple. Let The Lad steal the camera and then take photos of Ceilidh!

 Little Miss Tidy Up doing busy things with the broom
 Mum and Dad keeping a watchful eye on the children ~ or not!
 The Lad doing lad things
 Truck playing with his dog
 Heidi putting up with Truck
 Al and Dids fixing the complexities of the Universe
 Gaye showing how she can get along with anyone ~ and I mean ANYONE
 Heidi and Gaye checking that all is well.
 Guess who's got the camera now!
 Now these are art  in the making
 ... and again
 ... still
NOT lovers
 Vinny the gorgeous
 Tina and Matt
 More lovers
 The Puppy
 Heidi and the Puppy
 Truck and the Puppy
 ...and again. How CUTE is this!!!

...and Mummy, in adoration of her two beautiful children.  Wael Dan Daalen. You did a fantastic job!!

Afternoon tea at Flagstaff

Well, you can see from the photos that I was a little behind the eight ball on Sunday. In fact, you could probably say that I was behind the two ball ~ if there is such a thing. I didn't take a photo of Tzarn and Corinna; of Duane; of Debbie's chocolate cake. However, to make up for all of that you have to admit that the photo of Ruby and William is just purrrfect!

 Linden, Debbie, Ruby and Serena, vastly amused at my obvious lacking in visitors, which required them to stand on the edge of the cliff and wave!
 Ruby, Serene and Willilam enjoying the moment
 Maybe not perfection, but still cute!

Afternoon tea at Mrs Gates

I had received an invitation earlier in the week to join Maree to partake of dark brown cake at Mrs Gates. Now this is what Sunday's all about, so up to Cutters Corn I went.
 The first thing to do is to take along a gift so I snapped one of her roses from the front garden to hand to her as I arrived. Then I realise how pretty they were so I snapped a photo also
 The poinsettia looked lovely as I walked in so I took a photo of that also
 They were well on the way, so I had to squeeze in and eat all the chocolate biccies very quickly. you can see from the photo, Mrs Gate takes afternoon tea very seriously indeed. But when she was about to cut the tortilla with melted cheese, I said STOP!

I was having an afternoon tea at Flagstaff at 3pm and as I had done nothing at all about it, I thought that I would take Mrs Gate's tortilla with me. Maree by this time had collapsed into giggles but Mrs Gate with her usual serenity just wrapped the plate in alfoil and sent me on my way! They are simply delicious, this pair.

Sunday morning and all is NOT well

I woke late and then woke later.  Crawled out of my trunkle beddy only to find that the green haze was walking with me. Nonetheless, I had to up and be doing because the girls were leaving on the Kiwi flight and I had to make sure that they left. One week is more than enough for Norfolk to carry Sharyn and Rosemary, and any longer sets in a gravitational tilt so after ensuring that they were on the plane and definately leaving, I dragged my sorry self to the Olive where a life restoring latte picked me up. Off the floor! Not literally of course. I behaved with absolute couth at all times.

Celebratin Big Al's 40th

A week of fabulous entertainment at the Country Music Festival, followed on Saturday night by a Hooli down at Big Al's place. What a night! A couple of friends called in to help him celebrate his day. Hetieh some.
                                      Al's beautiful sister Vinny (with the gorgeous name of Valeska) flew in for the occasion and brought with her the most amazing music selection
 Snowy, Howard and Basil in a conversation too deep to interrupt
 Allan and George, and a third person in George's ear
                                           Burns, Jake and Katie
 Cuddlin Cousins
 Oeh Ange yu hau lucky
 Al and Simon ~ who's obviously just tasted a lemon
 Jackie, Lorna, Flora and Tony
 and again with Pete included this time
 Frances and Judy
 Two Mums wondering what on earth they did to get the sons they were given!
 Sue and Brenda
 Al, Al and Jen ~ a Buffett tri
 The boys at the back - Sput, Dids, Roscoe and Michael
 Brendon looking gorgeous
 Georgie Porj
 Charles, Snoop, Pearson, Sput en Dids ~ still discussing the complexities of the universe
 Kim, Rachel and Penny
 The gorgeous Vinny
 Simon and Tony
 Jen Jen, Jan and Millie
 Helen, Lennie and Jan ~ still trying to work out what they did
 Sam, Tracey and Albert
 William, Linda and Coop
 Sue, Coop ~ who was having a lovely evening ~ and Brenda
 Cara and Mick ~ it didn't matter where I went, Cara continued to jump in front of the camera!
 Speed and Burns
 Hetieh gien ~ this time with her beautiful girls
 ... and again
 three of the wild boys ~ Sam, Dids and Rob
 Tina and Ceilidh ~ with Rob striding forth to be with his girls
 ...and there he is
 Grant and Jake
 See! Told ya. She was EVERYWHERE! With cousin Brendan
 Frank and Sam
 Jo, Dr Mac and Dars
 Maria, Jeremy and their delightful Jemma
 ..and again with Grandma
 Dids and the piggy
 Dids and the piggy and Speed wouldn't look up!
 The apple was missing so a piece of kumara was placed on his snout
 Mercedes and Aida
 Carol, Judy and Brian
Michael ~ looking arrogant as only Michael can ~ and Jerri
 Bergs and Sarah ~ delighted to be there
 Carla and Sarah
 Hmmmmm. Who's et gien?
 There are no words for this photograph
 Dars and a very proud Mum
 ...and speaking of proud Mum's ~ Bec, Jay and Mase
 Yep. Hetieh. No words
 Naomi. I told you she was EVERYWHERE
 Tim, Di and JoyJoy ~ Dar thing fe dem oel sullan's ~ Ho Yar
 THE CAKE. The only cake allowed
 Di whispering in Jason's shell like ear
 George ~ checking out the cake
 ...and lighting it
 Vinny giving a speech to her favourite brother
 Leonie telling us that he was the best son ever (Vinny said Only cos she wasn't a boy!)
 Lorna, Marita, Al and Leoni
 Vinny getting the cake ready
 ...and Al doing his thing...
 ...and Ceilidh doing hers...
 ...and Joseph doing his...
 Matt and Natalie
 There are no words...
 ...or if there are ~ they shouldn't be spoken
 Edie and Lorna
 Gaye and Dids
 Geri, Jackie and Pete
Roscoe and Pendo
 Michael, Heidi and Byron
 Ritchie and Speed
 Candice, Joseph and Dene
Hayley, looking almost suspiciously innocent!
 Debbie ~ looking very pleased with herself
 Jill, Les and Deb
 Joy and Richard
 Cor en Ramon
 Wayne and Heidi
 Aunt JenJen's delight - or....
 Joel and Martin
 Ceilidh and Rawson
 Roscoe, Ritchie and the Lad
 ...getting close and personal
 PJ and Ashleigh
 The Man of the Moment in a great family shot
 Dids, Al and Debbie Jane
 Jackie's off Island so The Lad is off his chain.....
The two lovely ladies again ~ Karen and Tina ~ doesn't mischief just sparkle!

A fabulous night for a fabulous bloke. I'm a drongo because I took most of these photos in the early hours. What I should have done ~ definately should have done, but it's a learning curve ~ is taken some photos in the early hours of the morning!!