Monday, November 14, 2011

Teddy and Rose's wedding

Saturday afternoon 12th November, saw a number of Norfolk Island's people heading off to Teddy and Rose's wedding. 4pm at All Saints Church at Kingston and then on to Rawson Hall. The morning was miserable and rainy which was pretty amazing when you consider the fantastic weather we've been having lately. However, by the afternoon it was a fabulous, November Norfolk Island day. The church service was beautiful and the wedding party looked really lovely

Teddy and Rose on the southern side of All Saints, and you could clearly see how happy they both were. I had made Dids turn back to get our camera, but then couldn't really get a shot inside the church, but managed to snap the couple outside.

Rose with her son Ryan who also gave her away and gave a really beautiful speech about seeing his mother so very happy, her Maid of Honour and obviously a very good friend and her beautiful daughter Brianna who I taught in Norf'k laengwij, and Brianna really is beautiful.

Last but not least, Mr and Mrs David Evans with Mrs Evans sporting a snazzy new hairstyle, compliments of Melanie Prentice of Jagged Edge Hair Design. I received so many, many compliments. Many of them being You look fabulous. I didn't recognise you! Now honestly, what sort of compliment is that?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An afternoon of song at Allandale

Today we gathered again at Ruthie and Foxy's to have a sing-along before Shane takes off to ride around New Zealand on his bike. What a fantastic way to spend the next four to five weeks and with his personality he's guaranteed a really great time.

Pitcairn Trent joined the group today, and it was really good to have him. Here's a photo just before he left. Trent, Dad and Shane. These guys really make Dad's afternoon when they have a get together and at 90, that's a big statement cos that old eye has seen a fair bit.

Now Vonnie always has something special to contribute to the afternoon and today it's a hat. Here, she's shared it with Shane just for the photoshoot.

Vonnie wants a photo of the top three so as payment she has to let me take her photo! Hands to either side of head to show her dislike of the bargain, and Junie looking on with great seriousity. Where's Janine and Shell?

Another pic of Trent, Dad and Shane. Just can't get enough of this delightful trio. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

These next few photos are of Shane singing with his and Pat's granddaughters. It was a really beautiful moment. I'm not sure of the spelling of their names so no comments on these until I check that out but by gees those little ladies can sing and no simple Twinkle Twinkle Little Star either. Serious songs, difficult songs with lots of chord changes and they didn't miss a beat.

Ruthie and Foxy coming back inside from saying fare thee well to Trent. He had arranged to pick his boys up from the beach at 4pm.

Gorgeous photo. Pat is usually so busy either making tea or creating absolutely beautiful pieces of needlework ~ which wins first place in our local Show. But the one thing she usually isn't doing is being available for the camera. Unfortunately this time she stepped out from behind the door just that second too soon and ~ click!

Lorna, Clare and Cynthia. A little corner of the room that knows every song, all the words, and can still manage to have alot of fun

JoyJoy and Rozzie. Also knows all the words and all the songs, but as well as that is organised enough to bring along a notebook of tunes, and Rosalie had her banjo. I heard it through a couple of the tunes, but nort orl. Wathen yu ap tu Rozzie

Now here's a group. Jodie, Mrs Butters and Lorna. Here we have a picture of true ringleaders. Mrs Butters is a necessity and Jodie is always up to something. Although you can't see it she's carrying her magnificently beautiful bag made by Mrs Leona Hermans, Pitcairner. Watawieh daa gehl?

Commemoration for Laurie-Pop

Norfolk had a ceremony this afternoon for Laurie Pop Christian. His own special commemorative chair was installed up near the DCA circle where people go to watch the plane lift off on its way to where-ever. Evidently ~ or so Mrs Butters told me ~ just as the speeches closed, the flight to Australia took off, flew to the south, turned around and did a fly past, tipping its wings in honour. Now how many people in the world get that! You Pops. How completely blessed was Norfolk Island to have you. Millie has asked Sa to send me some photos. You will see from the following that it was just a great commemoration. Hei wael dan hem anieh!

21 today, 21 today, she's got the key to the door...

Today our little girl is having her 21st birthday. We're not there but never mind. We'll catch up when she comes home later this month. She's uploaded some photos onto facebook for me but I've swiped them and brought them over to my blog. Fuwa? Kos ai want!

Chelsea and Thomas. Such a dear friend, the wretch

Sher and family must have driven down to visit. Fabulous! Bet she was delighted to see them.

A photo of her opening a great big orange parcel. I really don't know what this is about but no doubt I'll find out soon enough

I think this is a photo of her desk!

A cake. This is definately a cake. There's not much more information about this at the moment, but a cake is obviously what it is.

Friends gather for the afternoon, and there's quite a few Norfolk faces there.

Brent also obviously joined in the fun. He has a PHD in partying I'm told. What's that dirty mark on his face?

More cake? It appears that you had a great day Chels. See you soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sehn, Saf, San enaa Sorlthaus

Ai uni jes fain dieh in mais iimiel, Chel mas bii senet. Si hau guud wieh auwas brien el driim ap auwas hoem dumain wi stiyen iin wan ruum lorng wieh wieh

The Right Honourable Mr Panda

I phoned Chelsea yesterday afternoon to congratulate her on completing a long and difficult assignment. Her energy was dancing with joy and she could hardly speak for laughing. Upon enquiry, she said that she had just received a 21st birthday present from her friend Eowyn, who lives in New Zealand.

May I please present the Right Honourable Mr Panda

Her gift was a hand felted Panda – done with a needle and using sheep wool - who had flown by himself all the way to Brisbane, Australia. He's not very tall, or even very big but he has a prepossessing presence which is immediately evident.

With him was a hand-made diary of his incredibly supportive and helpful life to date. Chelsea was absolutely delighted to receive him and you could tell from the instant rapore that it wouldn't be too long before she is entirely besotted.

Chelsea herself says "He has travelled very far to be with me today and I would like to say a huge heartfelt Thank You to my dear friend Eowyn Turk who gave Mr Panda the opportunity to reach his dream of helping people in the most need of moral support at times of stress. This gift lit the road of a slow solemn afternoon, and brightened it far beyond the stars, and shall for every day henceforth. What amazing people I have around me. Thank you."

...and goes on to say "This photo of Mr Panda is in front of a picture of the mountains. The pink and yellow card, that was also done by Eowyn as a farewell card when I left TLC (The Learning Connexion, International Art College, Wellington, New Zealand), and has kept me company ever since. I thought the shot was necessary. :)"

Please give a warm welcome to Mr Panda!