Monday, October 31, 2011

More Roses and Melbourne Cup

Had the best day yesterday which is flowing into today. First a parcel from Jen with lovely new tunics to parade in. Add one red bowler hat that Duane bought for me, and yay, Melbourne Cup Day is catered for

Saz gave me an astonishingly beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and purple statis, which I placed in a mauve given to David and I by Aunty Peg in 1978 when she stayed with us in Sydney

then the Divine David called down with some glorious pink roses which have now opened fully in our balmy subtropical warmth, and the yellow and pink bouquets are a feast for the eyes and the frangrance is a heady reminder of summer days

and finally, Miki sent me a hamper of delicious delights from her recent trip to Bali. More photos to come.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chelsea's Quilt

Chelsea read the blog (as she should) and the post on Quilts and simply had to leave a comment. If you read it she wrote of a knee quilt that Dawn Chapman made for her in 2009. It is one of Chelsea's most treasured possessions. The photo doesn't do it justice - sorry Chels - because the beautiful pastel colours can't really be seen, but the joy it brings every single day, means its worth its weight in gold. What a wonderful gift.

Sharyn then commented on her tour group enjoying the display and asking about a quilt with a Norfolk Island theme. I didn't upload that photo because it didn't turn out very well, but here it is. Also congratulations to the quilter who won the beautiful table runner. What a wonderful holiday memory.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quilters Visit ~ A stitch in Time

I ran into Leigh Christian Mitchell. Not literally ~ despite what some people say about my driving ~ and she told me of the visiting Quilters and the show they were having at Hillcrest. Now I take time out here to have a whinge, because it was on show for one day only, and not a very long day at that. How many people missed out. Never mind Jenks. You can check it out here!

Little Molly Moocow is guarding the girls whilst they are guarding the door and ensuring that my hard earnt pennies are well spent. Where's my quilt girls? I'm sure I would have won first.

Here is the most beautiful quilt imaginable. I was pretty positive that Leigh said it was a Hyacinth, but then yesterday she said no, it's Hydrangia. Well it's definately high on my list of beautiful things. You know, that girl must do Nothing but sit around enjoying herself. Actually, I've visited, and her home is full of the most exquisite stitchery. What's that about sitting on a cushion and stitching a fine seam?

Now here's another two. They're visiting the showcase of quilts but no-one was surprised to find them out in the garden, discussing ~ of all things ~ lemon and garlic. Good Grief

I really loved this one also. Poppies I think, and the stitching was just amazing. Patterns within the colours, within the fabric, within the stitching..

Now which one’s the exquisite piece. Oh yes that’s right. The wildflowers on the wall. Of course

This was a display board of smaller pieces. Top and centre was a beautiful cream, ivory and white quilt with doilies and old lace stitched in. I adored it.

The black and white quilt with apple green highlights also caught my eye. It was an explosion of colours throughout the room. There was also a beautiful piece in autumn colours, showing autumn leaves falling. Loved that one.

Now honestly. This duck was black fabric with beads and trinkets and things. I'm sure Mary Christian Bailey's exceptional work was around somewhere but I didn't actually see it. I love stitching but it's a visual feast for me. I really don't know what I'm talking about. Doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it to the full though

And I thought of Jerry when I saw this one. Cats upon cats upon cats. If you didn't visit then you really missed something very special. There are so many things happening on our tiny little Island. Aren't we the luckiest people ever
Hint ~ if you double click on the picture it may well open bigger so you can have a better look. Happy days

Golf Balls and High Water Mark

When Tzarn was a young whipper-snipper, he and Alasdair Bosley were very good at golf. Well. To be truthful, Alasdair was exceptional and probably still is. Anyway, one of the really fun things they used to do, was to line the golf balls up along the top of the cliff and see whether they could hit them over the Kingston pier.

Tzarn is on island. Entertainment is flagging so old amusements have raised their head. It almost reminds you of that wonderful old nursery rhymne, doesn't it. Here we go gathering nuts in May ~ or October, as the case may be!

An afternoon of bright Island sunshine; a good set of clubs and many, many, many golfballs can guarantee that good times will be had.

Now Duane who was looking on with some sceptism, decided that really, he ought to have a go himself. So with a line up, a little wiggle and a shake, the blasted ball took off into the blue and landed somewhere south of the South Pacific Ocean

Then Corinne stood up for a turn. They're her clubs actually. And might I say that for such a very little slip of a girl, she can surely belt that ball. It sailed out over the Niggerhead and landed with a plop. Nice one

Here I've managed to get almost all of them in the photo. They were far too busy to pay attention to my photography and I have to admit, Dad had an absolutely wonderful time

Really, when you think about it. If they are congratulating themselves for driving a golfball as far as the Kingston Pier, then Dad driving a golf ball into the sea in front of the pier is pretty darn splendid, when you consider that he turned 90 in the first week of this month!! Watch my big chinese pot Jackie Ralph. That thing can break and you'll all have to run!

Torken Norf'k udu dem iyalas

I've been teaching Norf'k laengwij at the Norfolk Island Central School, to Secondary students in Year 8 since 1998. Firstly with Mrs Bianca Walsh (then Burns) for two years, then with Suzanne Evans for another two years and then by myself until this year when Pauline Reynolds-Barf came on board.

What an amazing time I've had. We've learnt to weave fish and stars; make wreaths; cooked in some classes ~ though not all ~ had excursions to all sorts of places around the island

But these photos show Pauline's efforts. She had them make an original Tahitian something, and they surely had alot of fun

and not only. They won First Prize at the Royal Agricultural and Horticulture Show last week. How on earth am I going to keep them interested after that!

I know. They can write a book! Remember Guppy's and Fitz's. Good times.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Norf'k Ito Kalcha Salan Inc

Donald Christian Reynolds, who has been interested in Norfolk Island's Culture for many many years, and worked tirelessly as President of the Community Arts, has decided that it might be worthwhile to open a new Centre/Society/Association. He sent out the following invitation -
You may have seen a notice in the Norfolk Islander inviting people to the inaugural meeting of Norfuk Ito Kalcha Salan Inc. (NIKS)

The notice reads: The Inaugural meeting of the Norfuk Ito Kalcha Salan Inc. will be held Monday 17th October 2011, 7:30 pm at Tampali Kalcha Said, Bumboras Road, Bumboras, Norfolk Island. Business will include election of Officers and development of a Constitution. Signed: Donald Reynolds, Convenor
NB The endeavour of Norfuk Ito Kalcha Salan Inc. is to be of assistance whether it be financial, in kind, support, encouragement or any other way that is deemed appropriate by Norfuk Ito Kalcha Salan Inc. that helps maintain the importance and value of the Pitcairn/Norfolk Islanders language and culture.
Salan interested in this “not for profit organisation" are warmly invited to attend the Inaugural meeting. Further enquiries can be made to Donald Reynolds Ph 22249/50586 or
In the event you may be interested in NIKS Inc. I have taken the opportunity of sending this invitation with an attached copy of the draft constitution to give you an idea of the aims and objects of NIKS Inc.
Your presence, interest and/or contribution would be most welcome.

So with such an interesting invitation a small group of us turned up and presented ourselves for the inaugural meeting. If you're interested in retaining Norfolk Island's culture, then contact Don and listen to what he has to say.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watercolour Workshop with Belinda Biggs

Wow! What a fabulous weekend. Usually I'm so busy running around in ever decreasing circles, I am terrified that I'll become like the Woofit Bird. But this weekend! The best! Our fabulous Community Art Society arranged for Belinda Biggs, a Botanical Artist on island with her art tour, to hold a weekend workshop at the school. In like Flynn! Here's a photo of Belinda (don't forget to check out her website at ~ see Jerry, it didn't change colour and do whatever it's meant to do ~ the computer hates me! ~ and look at her amazing art.

Belinda was kind enough to stand for this shot. Her art can't be reproduced but if you peer really closely you can see the lead pencil drawing of the cherries and then the watercolour. You can almost eat them!

Now this is a photo of the rest of us head down and tails up, working like ~ whatever works hard. The workshop went from 9.30am to 4pm and on both days I simply ran out of steam around 2.30. On Saturday I drove home and slept until 7pm. Full on kiddies, full on. The other incredible thing is that most workshops I've been to, everyone paints the same subject, but in this one Belinda encouraged us to each bring our own flower. (She didn't warn us to bring along easy ones. Wretch!)

Here's Belinda checking out Jerry's efforts. I was privileged to look at some of Jerry's drawing's many years ago when he and Loretta had them hanging. I haven't seen them for some time but I still remember the beautiful work and incredibly fine detail. He painted an exquisite hipiastrum lilly that they have at their home Hilli Lillies, which is pale, pale green with maroon stripes. Would have loved to have taken a photo but of course, the batteries ran flat. Don't they always.

Here are my drawings. The lavender on Saturday then the peaches on Sunday.

We had to draw the subject showing black and white tones. Actually the scanner is pitiful. You can't even see peach number one! Please note IT IS NOT the artist. We then had to paint it in watercolours to colour it.

The lavender isn't worth scanning but I learnt alot with the peaches and porpieh, though the water droplet looks incredibly like a grub eaten hole! Absolutely great workshop, and everyone there wanted to be there. Trish doing beautiful work as always; Raewyn who is stunning at everything; Denny likewise; Kerry, Dale, Alison, Kaye, Bridgette, Lyn ~ wasn't she for years, the youngest artist to have a painting hanging in the National Art Gallery ~ Jerry, me and I have to make special mention of Mercades Grant. Twelve years old and incredible. Many comments on her inheriting talent from her Aunty Trace. What a honey! I hope those peaches decide to ripen Mercades.

I think a five day workshop might be a terrific Christmas present to myself, with lots of love from me!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aged to Perfection continues

Rosalie has just brought in a disc of Shelly McCoy's photos. They are fantastic but I've only uploaded a few. I think you can get the idea. Millie also sent in some of hers and I particularly wanted a photo of Mary Selby. I know you'll enjoy these as well.

AGED TO PERFECTION. Who can doubt it? How many stories could these three tell.

Thinkers and Schemers. How much penance do you think I'll have to pay for this photo of Millie?

Some Muvvas do ave em

Sam and his magic cooker, bless him

Rosalie and Sarah. What a honey of a pair

Mirra en daa spile thing fe hers. (What a cheek anieh!)

The grandchildren on island

Jack and his dollinks. He brought us up with the stories of the Katzenjammer Kids, Dollink and Feetheart. Sharyn was looking for special things that happened in October 1921. She decided that Pop's birth was enough. But it was also the birth of the cartoon character Ginger Megs. A comic hero that Dad particularly liked.
In days of old when knights were bold, and money was made of tin. Young Ginger Megs on bandy legs went out to fight for Min.

And he told his stories to all of us.

Merv and Rozzie, gazing over the proceedings

The photo of Mary Selby that I really wanted. Now I want one of Edie Syd

Last but definately not least, Jos and Shell.
What a pair.
What a day.
What a life.

Celebrating Ninety Years

Last Friday Hilton John Knight Quintal, alias Jackie Ralph; Dad; Pop; Big Pop; Chad; and a multitude of others, turned 90. Some invitations headed "Aged to Perfection" were sent out and on Sunday afternoon a select group gathered at the Parish Centre for a short celebration. The following photos are mostly thanks to Millie and they are in no definate order. Everyone did something to make it a memorable afternoon but Rachel Nebeaur was outstanding with the cake; Sam Sheridan cooked fresh fish to perfection; Dids was on the pier with David Biggs until midnight the night before to make sure they were fresh, thank you Biggsie; Sharyn and her last minute gathering of details because she thought there really should be a speech; and all those wonderful, special people who turned up.

Singing Happy Birthday with gusto and Shane of course, leading us on

Ruthie Foxy. What would Ball Bay do without her. I'm also expecting more photos from Shell. Let's see if they turn up!!

Shane and Vonnie. The backstops of the team

Mrs Butters. She's fantastic. Without her we probably wouldn't even meet.

Penny. How wonderful to have her home again.

Norrie and Albert. Two of Mum's precious naughty boys. And Daniel's eyes, looking everywhere at once.

Merv and Jimmy. What a gathering!

En Lorna. How many stories have made us roll around with laughter, and Lorna somewhere in there.

Is there any caption that would really do this photo justice?

Joy, Tzarn and Gaye. We try. We really do.

Jos and Junie. What beautiful people.

John and Ralph. Dad's only other relation on NI. (Apart from aklan. Wi stil ya!)

Jan Selby and Kaye McCoy. And I haven't a photo of Mary. Someone better have one. That was really something having her there.

Dad and Greg. The old boys, sitting up the back, keeping quiet. Both grew up in Anson Bay. Both have stories.

The grandchildren here on island, with Sharyn giving a speech for all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

No words are needed for this photo.

David Buffett and Jim.

Dad and Sharyn, keeping the boat afloat.

Dad, Shaz and Shane.

Dad and Baker George William. Ball Bay was well represented.

Cynthia and Rozzie. Where's the banjo Roz?

Clare, Junie, Vonnie en Cynthia. Oh what a tale to tell.

and last, but definately not least, the cake. What a brilliant piece of work. Thaenks fe aklan Raech!

and thanks to all those wonderful people who made the afternoon so very special. Thaenk yu Millie fe dii foetoh!