Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Walk for Archie

At 1.30pm all were to drive to Kingston, where we would be relocated into buses for a mountain bushwalk. The Pinetree buses drove us all ~ some 300 odd ~ to the top of Mt Pitt. From there we walked past Mt Bates and through to McLaughlin’s. They say that two of the earlier buses took a longer walk but I wouldn’t know about that! The walk was absolutely beautiful and along the way there was a pit stop for Lesley Lettuce Quintal to read us two of Archie’s poems and then later another pit stop for David Dids Evans to read us another four. It was fantastic and many of us commented that we should walk it more often!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An evening for Archie continuing on

Then back into the Pinetree buses and a return drive to Kingston. There, a table with tea, coffee or fruit juice waited for us to help ourselves, followed by an array of food that would have made the annual Bounty Banquet proud! Have you checked the earlier post of the food being prepared at Sam’s? If so, then you’ll know what I mean. Whilst the fish ~ fresh out of the water ~ was cooking, we were entertained by Ryan and Trent. Then a thank you speech from Mat; and his reading of Ent Me, followed by Isaac reading De Baes Side Orn Earth!  Following on, Lisle Snell named the winners of the various raffles. Some thirty in all.

The afternoon is continuing, and the night is but young, however I’m posting these so that Archie and Celia can have a look.  The number of people who turned up shows clearly the measure that this man is held in our community. 

Wael dan fe yuu P’ohd. Kam hoem suun anieh!