Monday, January 30, 2012

Lovely photo of Pop

I was just emailed this photo of Dad ~ Jackie Ralph Quintal ~ at the time he, John and Michael owned the sawmill at Ball Bay. I think all three kids, Joy, John and Gaye all benefited from the milled timber, and we all had Norfolk Pine walls in our lounge rooms

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh what a night it really was...such a night!

Saturday night and Michael Prentice had his 60th... oh no I mean 50th... birthday party under the magnificent banyan tree at House Road. The Banyan is as big as a mansion and it was decorated out with lights and lit pathways. Unfortunately I was too busy to take a photo of the banyan, the bar area decorated out with plaited palm leaves, the tables and chairs under the oaks, or later, the Chinese Good Luck Laterns that were lit by Michael and his family and released into the night. A truly fantastic night. I didn't get a photo of the dancing either and am particularly cross with myself for not getting of shot of Mrs Gate on the dance floor, or a photo of Sue Ellen who looked magnificent as a blonde. Anyway. Too late. I hope you enjoy these few pics!

Michael met each guest at the entrance to the Banyan and Debbie Jane and
Gaye gave us name tags. Fifty of Michael's friends flew over for the
occasion and everyone was asked to introduce themselves to each other

Debbie Jane and Gaye

Michael greeting Gordie as she enters the party

Michael gave a wonderful speech and the band reciprocated by singing him
a special song, much to the amusement of the crowd

Michael joining in and enjoying himself ~ as he should

Wayne and Midge ~ I'm not going to comment on everyone. Judge for yourself

Trent ~ very hard to see in the dark


Tina and Karen - both beautiful

Teddy and Rose

Tardy doing the rounds

I thought this would be a good promo for the NIGTB

Skeeters ~ welcome home Pete. Great to see you

Sarah and her Tex Mex

Sarah Prentice and Tony

Ruthie and Joy BooBoo

Ruthie and Mrs Parkins

Rosco and Donna ~ he was looking tres French

Raewyn and Mera


The beautiful Mel


Pelly en Mirra ~ Lordy

Claude and Ashleigh

Clare, Elaine and JTB - slightly blurry but I don't think it's me or
the camera!

Brian and Helen

Shane McCoy - No show without Punch

David and Wayne

Archie and Celia

A photo of the amp! Thanks Matt

Donna Prentice, Ivan Rickson and the beautiful Mel

Dids en Gaye ~ ho yar

Cocky ~ kaa wiehs Joy


Dean and Wayne Mitchell ~ who was also celebrating his birthday

Eunice - Mother of the birthday boy - and she's looking as glamourous
as ever

Fenella and Theresa

Dids en Gaye ~ I have to upload a couple of photos of us are they are very
few and far between

Eunice on the dance floor ~ perfect

Dom and Janet

Dids and Marita

Mrs Gate and Little Gae ~ no wonder we have seven cops on Island

Pat and Eunice having deep chats

The four Muskateers ~ all about

Gaye and Mirra

George, Claudia and Yvon

Greg Quintal MBE

Greggie, Snoop and Penny

Janet, Coral and the world's tallest leprachaun

Jodie and Les

George and Yvon ~ gorgeous

Joy and Mikel doing the rock and roll

Karina, Greg and Mirra

Theresa and John Terence Brown

Karen Buffett

Kim ~ trying desperately to dodge the camera

Les, Greg and Greggie

Wendy ~ I thought someone had their hand on her head!

Mikel, Donna and Dags

Dids en Gaye



Mirra and Sarah



Max, Ange and Evelyn

Midge and Mel

Mikel and Jacqui

Mikel and Vera ~ Aloe Vera

Millie and Rees

Mirra and Wayne

Mrs Rug

Ngaire and Gordie

Gaye and Mikel

Grant and son working at the food bar

Lisle with a halo ~ ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Grant Summerscales' son

Dids and Al well on the way to cooking the 350 hamburgers

Aunty Coll and some of her team of workers

Aaron telling me where to place my camera
As you can see, a fine collection of wonderful people ~ and there were many, many more. Thank you Michael for a wonderful night

Millie has just sent me some of her photos ~ so keep on lookin

Hussa, Speedy Barrett, his wife and Wayne

Richard and Robin

Michael's photoboard

Midge, Donna, Millie and Coral

Pete and Junny

Midge andj Donna

Midge and Coral

Margie and Clare

Joy, Mike and Gaye

John Christian-Bailey and friend

Jacqui, Punga and his wife

Michael's friends

Bill and Vicki

Michael's friends

David and Chris

Thanks Millie. Love to look at pics