Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tzarn's Superhero Birthday Party

 Tuesday 27th November for his birthday on Thanksgiving Day Wednesday 28th November
Let's start early!
Shh. It's a surprise! Corinna has arranged for a Superheroes surprise party for Tzarn

I missed the arrival but ev idently Kahn Forsyth had taken Tzarn for a game of golf. They came up the road to Jan and Coop's laughing like loons over some piece of trivia when Tzarn lent forward and said "What the...!" Kahn chuckled and said "Yu nor haewen wan big paati mais boi?"   

And the night moved on. Alistair and Tzarn. It's never been a pair that should be together!           
 Ethan and George

 Kez Holland (the Traitor)  who went down in the afternoon and helped to put up the marquee
 Corinna and Tzarn - She's Superdolly I think
 Go Girl. It's all about power
 Ah have the powerrrrrrrr!
 Sandy as the Black and White Superhero
 Delwyn and Liz. Not too sure. I think Delwyn is the protector of Ninja Turtles. Liz is definately an Amazon
 The American and Blake
 Jason, Scott and Kaahuu
 Kay and SuperTed.  Have you noticed that SuperTed NEVER wears shoes
    SuperPuss and Poison Ivy being checked out by The Joker                     
 Clark Kent, The Joker, The Doctor and Shera
 Super VZ and Batman. Kahn isn't dressed because he's a traitor also. Z says he'll get him back
 Walden, Kahn, Kez and Bish ~ Hmmmm. The Gods must not sleep
 Janelle hiding behind her mask
 The Trickster saying ~ It's all about YOU
 Super Dolly and Cat Women having a significant discussion
 Super Silver Lady
 Sarina - just back from cheerleading so couldn't dress up                              
 But her dog had time
 Amazing Amazon Woman and Super Silver Lady
 The Flash
 Meeting up with his best friend - not Power ranger - some cowboy thing
 Amazing Amazon, Silver Lady and Batman
 Super Dog
  Ethan and Tzarn
 Corinna and Mouse
 Sarina and Zed
 Super heroes meet up too you know...                    
 ...and partyyyyyy
The American "Ai se sorlan yorlyi"

 Lou sitting by the pool - is she a mermaid? Wot? No pool!
 Lord Ted as The Joker - great tribute to Heath
 Super Ted about to fly awayyyyy
 Poison Ivy - She thought too many superheroes would be present and that the party would need the touch of a couple of villans
 George has changed into her evening bloomers
 Oops. Well kiss my rubbery butt
 Lining up for the Egg and Spoon Race
 Cheats, cheats and more cheats
 Tzarnie Darling you're going the wrong way
 Go Lou! Don't worry your pretty little head about the flying eggs
 Lord Ted - "Back in line you lot. Back in line you bunch of cheats"
The other end of the line up. Dripping egg and dropping spoons. Lord what a scream. Should have had a video

 Captain America "I can so too down 100 bottles of this"
 "...and still stay upright"
 Sarina jumping in on the Super S's
 Hah. Ninja Mama
 Super Ted flew back in and evidently stayed to watch the sun rise over Ball Bay!
 Super Dolly and Ninja Mama
 Super Pirate? and  Stolen Lady? "Where did you steal her from?" demands Super Dolly
  "Out of my carry bag Miss"                                                
    "Yeah. He did too. Now go and get me a drink"
 Oh Golly Oh Gosh. Isn't there some terrible thingummy if you see Clark Kent become Superman?
 Poison Ivy again and Black and White Supercat

She's gotta be SuperGirl. You can't have Superman without a SuperGirl to support him!

 Uh oh. The Super S's are up to mischief
 ...and Supergirl's joined the happy crew
 But Ninja Mama's watching you lot
 Trust YOU to be the ring leader
 ... and you are so sedate
 Oh Alistair. You've found a seat!
A gathering of the Clan
Wot! Wot!
 Hmmmm. I get worriesd when you get that sizing up look
 ...and then we'll blame Sarah!
Coming in to land....
 ...after saving the village!

Well! What a night  (and a day) (and a night again)! Which is why the poor darling looked so spent the next day. I'm sure he had blessings to count on Thanksgiving but maybe not the one that Bishop Forsyth was preaching about.  But he was definitely calling out to God !