Thursday, August 30, 2012

Club L ~ a night at The Rock

Last night ~ with thanks to Alma ~ I went to my first night at Club L. Drove to Alma's and checked out her beautiful home because she's received two lovely new hall runner, then out to Geoff's car to drive to New Cascade Road to pick up Shirley (mother-in-law), then on to The Rock restaurant for the evening. Thirty ladies turned up and Dr Cheryl Davenport addressed us on her role as a Western Australian politician and the role she'd played before coming to Norfolk Island to be the Government's Chief of Staff. A very interesting and well listened to, address.

 Fenella Evans, President of the  Norfolk Island branch of Club L welcoming the new and greeting the frequent.
 Dr Cheryl Davenport addressing us and talking about the different view that women give to issues brought to parliament
 Anne Howe and Gaye posing for a photo to send to our dear friend Jen, who, had she been on Norfolk Island, would definitely have been there with us.
Look at the camera Gaye! A fun night all in all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Norfolk Island Golf Classic

Well the sun is brightly shining today on Norfolk Island's annual Golf Classic, but it certainly wasn't yesterday.  A heavy continuous fall of rain saw the Classic being closed yesterday. It seems that around the town, the visiting golfers managed to enjoy themselves anyway, but as I said, the sun is shining today so all is well.
 Some of the visiting golfers out on the green
 ... and more of them just across the way. Great to see the golf course so filled with people
 The clubhouse was built by convicts during the second penal settlement (early 1800's)and now sits in the World Heritage area of Kingston
 My son striding to chip onto the green from his drive off the tee
 Second shot and hopefully, straight as a dye into the hole
 Other players doing similar things
 Lining up for the long shot ~ and waiting their turn
A powerful swing that will hopefully, fly in the right direction.

Corinna is at the Clubhouse very early until very late, ensuring that everyone is fed and watered. Well done Lads and Lassies.  This is the sort of event we want on Norfolk Island ~ one that brings in smiling, happy people!

Jessica's little boy Cade

Cade Graham was one year old! Chelsea made him a very special present but it's taken ages to get here. Finally, it arrived! So I wrapped it and delivered it to his Mummy. It's a Snapfish photobook, with photos of his ultrasound, right through his first year. His Mummy was delighted and said Oh My Gawd many, many times.

 I called Jess out from her place of work for "five minutes" She had no idea what I was going on about so I then told her that Chelsea's present for Cade's first birthday had arrived
 Oh My Gawd! It's my Boy! Jess was absolutely delighted with a book of photos of her son's first year
She is delighted with the photos, the time and the effort. Well done Chels. I think it's fair to say that Jess LOVED it!

Sweet Little Duckies

Sarah has been in Cooking Mode and has made the sweetest cake! Which she brought down to the Assembly for me to eat! Love that Little Lady
 So this time she made a pond with a little garden, and bought the tiniest ducklings from Denny Wong's shop. So here's the pond (edible) with the ducklings (you shouldn't eat those)

 The whole cake sitting there enticing me to eat it
 Sarah sitting there with cake, enticing me to eat it
 A view of the cutaway slice, enticing me to eat it
A close up of the garden - just before I ate it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fiona Lee ~ of the Wings

Thanks to Yvon, this weekend Norfolk Island enjoyed a visit from Fiona Lee ~ of the Wings. A small group gathered at the home and Healing Centre of Stephanie on the eastern side of the Island. A number in the group had already experienced readings from Fiona from offshore, and were looking forward to the Shekinah Playshop that she was offering. Yvon had organised, collected, detailed and distributed all the detail for Fiona to come to Norfolk and we are very grateful to her. Also to Stephanie for allowing us to gather in her beautiful home and of course to Fiona for flying over and conducting her amazing Playshop.
 Fiona Lee ~ of the wings
A quote from Fiona's website "...I play internationally as a multi-faceted facilitator of healing and spiritual blossoming.  Whilst being real about the challenges and demands of modern life, I AM passionate about empowering you to ignite your unique spark in the divine plan. My mission is to activate and mainstream practical magic. The inspirations I offer are borne of my direct experience, and let’s face it, stuff ups, as a star being, a human, a healee and a healer. My style is grounded, direct, heart based and delivered with a sense of humour." ~ and let me tell you, all of this and more were experienced on the weekend.  (Please check out her website
 There were chats, atunements, alignments, guided meditations, communing and a host of information ~ principally about ourselves and who can want more! Fiona's background is scientific so she not only spoke of her spiritual work but was able to talk to us about progress in the fields of science and medicine that are happening today and "proving" what many of us have already known.
 Fiona addressing the group ~ fascinating to watch her dealing with the download of energy as it poured into her being
 The first day closed with a short drive to the portal so that we might engage in some earth healing. Fantastic day and a fantastic Playshop.

Shekinah Playshop - Communing with Goddess energy

 Continuing on for Day 2 of the Playshop, and again Fiona was outstanding. We gathered at Stephanie's beautiful home overlooking the eastern sea and cruised right in. Adjustments, atunements, meditation, deep clearing and quite a few "ah ha" moments.

 Beautiful food, enjoyed in a beautiful home with beautiful people. Who could ask for me. Well we could I guess and we did, which is why we had Fiona
Yvon pretending to do some work when you can clearly see the little worker bee in the background!                                              

Again a short break for lunch and then continuing into the afternoon. By this time most of us were seriously integrating the new downloads we received, and so were all pretty grateful when Fiona suggested a closing at 3.30. We were then delighted with each of us receiving from Fiona an Egyptian Scarab (direct from Egypt) as a gift. Thank you so much beautiful lady! Home for some quiet time to continue the nurturing and honouring of self that we had all thoroughly enjoyed, all weekend. Again if you are interested, Fiona's website ~ which is really interesting and worth a look anyway ~ is

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deeper into the Mysteries

Following on from the Hot Spots Energy Tour  yesterday, the group again met at Flagstaff yesterday afternoon for a Deeper into the Mysteries workshop. Working mainly with the Ascended Masters we shared a Transmutation of Energy  meditation then later a Communing With Nature meditation. The afternoon was beautiful with sunshine reflecting off the ocean, the two island's sitting peacefully in the background and the group's energies were a delight to bask in. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

 Paul doing his own personal communing with nature ~ or giving himself rabbit ears!

 Master Lady Bast oversaw the whole proceedings, giving her wisdom to those who heard

 Master Lady Elestia, who works with nature, the Devas and Elementals, giving love to Planet Earth

 Master Lord Sanat Kumara, a star being from Venus who stayed on to assist Earth with her transition
An energised group (may be Star Beings also)out beside the Dragon Tree, with Philip Island watching in amazement! Thanks everyone. Great group! Come and visit us again real soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot Spots Energy Tour

Helen Barnes, International Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author, is again visiting our Island with a tour of like minded people. Yesterday I conducted a "Hot Spots Energy Tour", taking the group, and some locals who joined in, around Norfolk to experience the different energies that Norfolk is so ably capable of channeling through. First stop was a Hot Spot between Mt Pitt and Mt Bates. A beautiful piece with very powerful energies that resonate with the pyramid formed by the mountains, Philip Island and Crystal City
 Then on to Ball Bay which glistened and shone in the afternoon sun. Ball Bay was the crater of a volcano; the site of a Whaling Station; a direct link to Crystal City and an anchor bay for star ships, so various energies were experienced on this site.
 The northern half of the Bay where a few in the group experienced the energies of whales and dolphins
 The southern half of the Bay where galactic energy came pouring through - mainly Pleiadian
 Along the eastern foreshore with direct visual link to Crystal City and again, galactic energy. Portals, gateways and strobe lights were all experienced
 Moving on to The Hundred Acre Wood to the wild, untamed trees and the devas and elementals who inhabit the area. A beautiful bustling busy energy of woodland creatures going about their day
 A magnificent Moreton Bay Fig Tree in the making, as friendly as a puppy, just begging to be petted. So we did!
 From the wild, untamed growth of the wood to the neatly cultivated rows of Evans Everfresh Farm, a farm and cattle concern that's been going for some forty years, on the site of the old Melanesian Mission farm. Some were taken by the fruit of the pawpaw tree which grew to four metres (12 feet) from the ground (the tree ~ not the fruit), whilst others were fascinated by the fairy folk who dwelt high among the leaves
The energies of the cultivated fields were completely and entirely different from the energies of the unrestricted growth of The Hundred Acre Wood.  A clear message was received that this area is planted with love and respect for Mother Earth, but that this is not always so in other places. A lesson taught, that Gaia who gives us so much, must be respected and nurtured in return .                              

A great time to remember the chant to honour her -

The Earth is our Mother 
we must take care of her
The Earth is our Mother 
we must take care of her
Hey yaana, Ho yanna Hey yaan yaan
 Hey yaana, Ho yanna Hey yaan yaan
The Earth is our Mother 
she will take care of us
The Earth is our Mother 
she will take care of us
Hey yaana, Ho yanna Hey yaan yaan
 Hey yaana, Ho yanna Hey yaan yaan 

 As you can see from the photo, the group were highly delighted with experiencing the different energies that Norfolk had on offer, and all in all, it was a great way to spend the afternoon with wonderful people ~ and with a Great GPS service!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meadow to Meal

Dids decided that as it was Sunday and Corinna and Tzarn were coming up to dinner ~ Saz couldn't because she was cooking for her Grandma ~ he would go out to the farm and collect some fresh vegetables. He's already got some fresh fish off Biggsy, so now it was forage time.
 Firstly, to raid the lemon tree - darned shame I didn't take the photo BEFORE I picked the two dozen lemons
 Dids walking up the garden to find an asian cabbage for a laksa
 Hah! Got it! Just the right one too
 Next on the list. Carrots
 As you can see the sheath knife on the hip is incredible useful when you fish and farm
 Fresh coriander. Again for the laksa ~ and maybe just a touch in the Tahitian Fish - Oh yum
 Some shallots (or spring onions) I can never tell the difference
 What's he picking now?
 Coriander flowers
...and a photo of Corinna, Tzarn and Dids all posing for Chelsea!

The evening meal consisted of Tahitian Fish, followed by Laksa Soup, then Garlic Steak, Baked fresh vegetables, Kumera, Irish Potato, Choko, Turnips, Carrots and Pumpkin, steamed broccoli, green beans and cabbage followed by Corinna's Chocolate Mousse with Banana and Maple Syrup. Honestly, we wobbled as we left the tabl