Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reclaiming Wellness

Guess what Guys! Graeme Sait is back on Island and is holding a *FREE* ~~ don't we just LOVE that word ~~ health talk on reclaiming and improving wellness in our lives! As Norfolk is a little down at the moment, isn't this just the best time to attend a seminar on wellness! We've got all the fresh greens that we need ~ yeah I know, maybe not fruit ~ but fresh meat, fresh fish, (and if you go down to the dam) REALLY fresh chickens. Trot along to Governor's Lodge on Thursday, 4 October, at 6.30 pm and listen to this international speaker, talk about health. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

An afternoon at Millie's

It was Simon's birthday and definately time for a party ~ or so Mrs Walden thought ~ which meant of course, that we're all invited up to Millie's for an afternoon of convivial friendship; fabulous food and much drink, much drink, much drink............

 Alma, Jackie and Noeline up to no good. Probably telling jokes!
Fla, Liz and Simon paying absolute attention ~ just like they did in school!
Simon, Jan, Robin, Bella and Alma in deep and meaningful conversation
With Karenne, Lyn, Helen, Phyll and Fla eavesdropping
 Gaye singing Oh Solo Mio whilst Simon tickled the ivories
Alma still telling jokes
Bella and Liz in the kitchen, watching the food come out
Millie and food, more food and yet more food. Pannecotta, Creme Caramel and Passionfruit Pie
Please note the photo of Millie and Rees beautiful daughter Katie in the background, 
with her friend, the beautiful Katie.
Liz, Bella and Fla setting the world to rights ~ posing actually
Now this isn't a pose. It's really what they were doing
Lyn reading a verse from the Bible
Robin paying apt attention
Pressi time ~ everyone looking
 Sit down Simon!
Yes. Yes. Lovely. So handy
"I use them ALL the time!"
 Eating, Drinking, Making Merry
Right! The musicians have arrived
Oh No! says Millie. Not more opera. Yes. says Bella. Give us more
Lizzie on the uke and Simon on the keys
 Lyn having a quiet doze in the back
Robin clapping with delight
 Millie taking photos
 Jackie looking for another verse!
Actually we all were looking at photo books that Jan had made. Beautiful!
Alma trying desperately to look innocent
Fla being naughty ~ because she doesn't know any other way
Speaking gently to her new, you beaut camera. Shi kaa get et fe goe
Double naughty
Quad naughty
Oh Dear. They just got wussa en wussa
Paying full attention
Who me?  I naewa!
 Yes you did Millie. Wi el memba et!
 More detail. More laughter
 Jan having a quiet doze to the gentle sound of snorting laughter
 Jan and Alma telling me where to place the camera
Messes Giet nor care
 Roll me oooovvvvvveeerrrrrrrr
Hah. New Musicians
 Millie playen Robin's Return fe Snooks
Photographers pressing around
 Alma growlen gen Gieh. Again.
Back at the table for more stories
Bella and Lyn singing Way Down upon the Swanee River.......
Pannecotta, Creme Caramel and Passionfruit Pie
 We've now moved into Millie's photos, so there may be double ups
 Mrs Pye playing the Plunketty Punk Polka
No, no Jack, it's definately played in G minor!
 Jelly shots. Oh dear. What little devils
 Lizzie en Simon again
 Lyn en Helen
...and all the rest of us..
...and still more!
What a fabulous afternoon. Huge thanks Millie. I had such a fun time and only ate/drank 23 jellies. I didn't know at the time that they were toxic. Of course, I found out.
I'm sure there's another birthday in October. We really must do it again.
If for no other reason, then to eat the fabulous food.