Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning walk at Beefsteak

Norfolk was absolutely beautiful in the early morning light, so David decided that we might as well drive down into the bay and check it out
 It too was beautiful with the sunlight bouncing off the rocks and the murmur of the sea
 Dids walking along the stones that edge the great Pacific ocean
 when ~ hello, hello, hello ~ Along comes Rachel, George and Brent with their littlies
 some admiration lavished on to Fardy by all
 fun and games with lots of noise
 Tzarn protecting Fardy from the big, nasty, rocks
 and Jess wondering what on earth is happening
 while Brent grins
and Rachel holds her dog.
A fantastic morning and you know the best part? We didn't even have to leave home! All in the back yard.
Lucky,  lucky us.

Wearable Art 2013

 Obviously in my incredibly busy life, I've forgotten to upload the Wearable Art Parade for 2013. Or. It could be that the photos I took were so horrible, that I almost didn't. But you know what. Sometimes even slightly blurry is better than nothing at all. So. Here goes.

 Administrator and Jen cooking and bagging, whilst Naomi's Daddy keeps a watchful eye
 Ginny and Naomi pretending that they know exactly what they're doing
 ..or Ginny is, anyway
 The Bounty Beauties entertains first
 with a magnificent display
 then the parade begins
 but as I said, my photos are blurry so this is a photographer's impression
 sparkly lolly papers
 old photos
 and more
 tennis bridal theme
 with balls and net
 an old curtain
 down the aisle to "Get me to the Church on Time"
 A r eal winner made from the plastic that wrapped up Evelyn  Hobbins' new lounge suite
 The Wizard of Oz
 and Teletubbies
  followed by Christmas decorations
 and tin can flowers                      
 beautifully modelled by Claudia
 and a finale by Brandt and Cristina Rose doing the Pasa Doble
or the flamenco. Either one. It was a fantastic evening with a fantastic parade. Think I'll get another photographer next year !

Summer picnics on the cliff at Anson Bay

 A picnic in the summertime, under the spreading trees, overlooking the western sea, with family and friends. What could be better?

Jai playing Tarzan
Saz and Duane keeping order
Jen. "What do you mean it's not a pizza?"
Tarzan or Chimp?
Magnificent view
My little baby keeping the kids amused
Aunty Joy Joy being exhausted
Nettie keeping a  watchful  eye on her boys
Dad keeping a watchful eye on the sunshine
The males of the species ensuring that the universe is turning as it ought
Dakota and Mishca doin nuffin
John and Pip ~ also doin nuffin
Sarah, Tzarn and Corinna ~ helping Pip
Chels and Shaz ~ helping Corinna
Joy and Miki ~ helping Shaz
The Douran's and the Judd's
 Dids, Grin en
John,  out of the way of the children
whilst Saz and Duane keeps them entertained
 and Jenny checks that it is in fact, not pizza
No more words. This is it!