Sunday, July 21, 2013

Well! Aren't I the sweetest little cookie in the jar! I told everyone about Dids selling his paddock, and invited people to look at the blog, then didn't post the blog address! Duh!

Oh well. It's been a busy, busy time.  Please look at and pass the blogsite as widely as possible.

Huge thank everyone,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our gorgeous daughter

Hi All.  Not too sure if I've posted this already. May well be that I have. But I just think it's the loveliest photo ever, of a truly lovely girl. So proud of you Hon.

Wow! What a month!

Well, what a month July has turned out to be. Help! It hit the decks a running boys and hasn't stopped yet.
I'm taking a break from my usual posts today, and am inviting you all to go to  If you can't work out what that means, it's Norfolk Island Land. Did's is selling his paddock out at Headstone, so I've created a blog so that people can have a virtual reality tour.
Please check it out and let me know how it looks. Any advise on how to improve the blog would be gratefully welcomed.
In the meantime ~ have a great weekend.
I'm hoping to blog to my heart's content tomorrow!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Soul Gallery and a weaving workshop

Soul Gallery on Saturday morning and Barb Kelly is just setting up her stand. She's now seriously installed and I'll have to update my photos, because Soul looks absolutely brilliant. Barb's pretending to be very busy in the next photo, but the top one is the true one. She was having alot of fun!
 A very serious moment
 Sam putting in serious effort on her hat project. It will be perfect for Bounty Day
 Sam and Lance are expecting their third little trooper, so a hat for each wee one is very important
 Lou, saying "I just can't believe that I've made such an incredibly gorgeous hat!"
 Shaz is busy putting her  basket together and making sure that we all know she did it herself
 ...and not just that one. The other two on the floor are also hers!
 Oh Wow Lou!  You look just great.  What a fantastic workshop
Madam Kaye LeCren Nobbs, showing everyone how and what to do.  She's been weaving /plaiting all her life and is well known both on Island and off.  I will take more photos of her work and blog them.

Feral Chooks for Soul Gallery

 Saz calls to visit me at Soul Gallery on Saturday mornings. She decided that we needed something local and bright. Seeking inspiration she drove around Norfolk, and came to the decision that the cutest things she saw were the feral chooks on the Kingston Common.
Right! Home to create. Aren't these little gals just the cutest lil cluckers you ever did see? They are absolutely gorgeous and are walking out the door at Soul Gallery. Well done Saz

Ch elsea as a Tiger

Chelsea came into my office yesterday afternoon. She's going to Emma's party and has to "dress up".
 After much toing and froing with the decision making processes, she decided that she would go as a


National Park and Dids

Called up to the National Park on Monday to give some papers to Dids.  He rode up from  Redstone, to meet me at McGloughlin's. I thought the vegetation around him looked so darn pretty  ~ as did he ~ that I took his photo!

The Flower on a Tea Tree

Had to share this one. Called down to Dad's today so that we could go to lunch, and the flower was blooming on the Tea Tree at the top of the path.  I thought it looked so pretty. Tiny white flowers.

A Cultural Agreement with the Isle of Man

The Hon Robin Adams JP MLA, initiated a Cultural Agreement between Norfolk Island and the Isle of Man. Each Island will fly the other's flag on their national day; play Island music and have radio and press releases. Imagine our delight when the Hon Clare Christian BSc, MLC, President of Tynwald in the Isle of Man, visited Norfolk Island with her sister Pam, for Anniversary Bounty Day.

 President Christian and Minister Adams at the Norfolk Island Airport prior to departure.
 Speaker Buffett receiving a gift from Tynwald, the Parliament of the Isle of Man
Speaker Buffett, President Christian and Chief Minister Snell in the NI Committee Room.
Our Island's are joined of course by the link with Fletcher Christian of HMAV Bounty fame.
(Some say infamous but what do they know!)

Heaps to tell you.... I'd better catch up.  I'm behind in my posting as there's Bounty Day; my birthday party; Saz's Feral Chooks and so many more things. Here go's! Let's see how far I get.