Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Country Music Festival ~ Aussie night

What a fabulous night! Amber Joy came on first and she was great. Then Paul Costa who really had the crowd going. A short interval then Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey.  They came on as a duo and also individually.   What a really, really great night. If you can make it to the Thursday night event, cos the Committee promises an even better night, then it is seriously worth it. Well done NICMA. Great event!

Happy Birthday my Son

Duane celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday and his sister invited him to choose whatever he wished for dinner and in her words  "...I said to Duane bring home the ingredients for whatever you want for dinner and I'll cook. Which isn't unusual, but I said he could bring anything which could have meant curry! But he chose well.
We had chicken Cordon Bleu, crumbed
On a bed of smooth garnsh mash tieti
Baby's pinch leaves and sliced green apple
Slivers of white onion with
Chopped pistachios
With a light home made salad dressing on top
Oh it was wonderful!
Team effort
And he bought a Mortal Combat game and we played that after dinner. So I think he enjoyed the latter part of his B'day"

His Mama wishes they could both have been home to celebrate, but it sounds as though they managed very well anyway.  Hope you had a great day my boy my lad. I'm counting down the sleeps!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Country Music Festival - Fly on Kiwi's

The first night of the Festival opened with the New Zealand showcase. Dids welcomed everyone to the Festival, as follows -

Monday 20th May 2013
Compere: David Dids Evans

Hetieh auwas Country Music Festival fe 2013 en auwas 20th Birthdi.         
Wutawieh orl yorlye en welkam
This is the twentieth Country Music Festival to be presented here in Norfolk Island. It is a magnificent occasion for us, and your rousing support during this night and over the following four nights will continue to entrench its success in the Norfolk Island calendar of events.
The Norfolk Island Country Music Association brings you this Festival in true Norfolk Island hospitality and spirit. The Festival is totally run by volunteers, some who have been here since day one ~ and that’s twenty years ago ~ and others who join us and who we gratefully welcome, with each new year.   They all work to make your week memorable, and without their efforts this Festival would not be possible. Over the years we have lost  some mainstays and dear friends. Every one of you who have been to one of our Festivals will have met David Kik Quintal. He was one of our mainstays, and we lost him in January. I would ask all to observe a minute’s silence please.
We thank our sponsors, without whose support this week would not happen. We thank and welcome all our visitors who have travelled here to enjoy this 20th Birthday Festival. This year, we’re not running to usual form. We’re having a birthday party on Thursday night, and the Band Mental as Anything, who have performed at a number of Country Music Festivals over the years, will entertain us, whilst we party.
To those visitors who are returning, it’s great to welcome you back.  In particular, Jackie and Rowan from NZ, here for their 17th Festival.
To the musicians, artists, entertainers, performers ~ welcome. Please enjoy our Island. Take the opportunity to look around, to enjoy what we have to offer. In the northern hemisphere, May is the celebration of spring, but in Norfolk Island, May is the celebration of good times.  We meet again with old friends, make new friends, share some great music, laughter, a few drinks and recall many, many instances of memba daa time!
Our Festival is now well known in the country music scene.  It’s grown from strength to strength and has hosted some of the biggest names in the business. This year is no exception. We have Kiwi’s, including Dennis Marsh, we have Aussie’s, including Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey, we have special appearances, surprise guests, Sharon and Rosemarie, the Huckelberries, 4Play, Mental as Anything and those incredibly talented new friends we haven’t met yet, who have come here to compete for the prestigious Trans-Tasman entertainer of the year award. 
What a line up. What a show its going to be. I wish you a memorable festival.
I would now like to welcome onstage to open our Festival a man who wears several hats ~ not only is he the husband of our patron, Mrs Gaylene Snell; not only is he our Minister for Tourism, but also the Chief Minister of Norfolk Island, the Honourable Lisle Snell.     

Here's the man. Lookin sharp Brud! 
He called for a minute's silence for David Kik Quintal, then invited Lisle Snell onstage to officially open. Following the Chief Minister's opening words, Brendan Dugan came on as compere, introducing  Hayley Smith, who was fantastic. Then Kevin Greaves, Marion Burns  and finally the headliner, Dennis Marsh.
It was a great night and if the rest of the Festival flows like that, then it's going to be an amazing hit. The marquee looked great, George Douran's decoration of the marquee looked excellentt; ticket and programme sellers were flat out; the music was excellent; and it seemed to go wonderfully well. I thought it might be cold in the marquee but a light jacket and scarf was more than enough.  Tonight's the night for the Aussie's and I have every reason to believe that it will be just as good as last night.
Met up with Sharon and Graeme McIntyre. So good to see you both again. Let's catch up some when the pressure's off you a bit. As usual, huge slaps on the back to all those people who work so hard for NICMA

The above photos belong to Ian Fisk. They're on Jackie Pye's facebook and probably Ian's also, but I don't know how to get there!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Feral Chooks in Burnt Pine

 Anyone who's visited Norfolk Island will know that on the beautiful green common land (public reserve/park) at Kingston, in our World Heritage area, there are roaming feral chooks, geese, ducks, cows and calves. In fact, a whole Ole Macdonald's Farm, which the tourists who come to visit, really love.   Now Saz the Talented has put her busy little fingers to stitching together some of our feral chooks. They are in beautiful bright colours, with Norfolk Island embroidered underneath, then finished off with brilliantly coloured felt combs, beaks, tails and feet. Really lovely. They are available for sale at Soul Art Gallery.

Norfolk Island Country Music Awards - Trans Tasman and 20th Birthday

Well! It's May again, and with the rain  comes Country Music. Or is it vice versa. I can't ever really tell. Anywho, it doesn't matter because guess what ? Yep. The marquee is up! Yay.

 Here she is. We haven't had the marquee for some five years, so it was great to see the great white hulk, sitting there again, obviously waiting for the party
 Did's is Vice President which is a little more full on than usual, because Jos, the President, is off island for medical reasons. He's pretty much an all-rounder when it comes to the Country Music Festival. He gets his little paws into everything. Jackie Pye has been there for the whole twenty years. Yep. Started at age 6 !
And these people don't just have titles. They hit the decks running and don't stop until the Festival is well over
 George Douran is in charge of decorating the hall this year. Did's said he wanted a tropical theme. Well. How's this then. The marquee looks amazing. Trust George. She's sprayed some agave cactus with gold paint, and it looks fantastic.
Trent was quietly having a couple of things to say ~ Hah ~  Quietly! Trent! I don't think so Horace. He was bellowing out as usual, his indignation at Gaylene stuffing his ride with rubbish. She was only trying to help.
 The stage area and Mrs Pye, still nursing her laundry basket, which moments before was overflowing with   brilliant red croton
 Checking that the job's done right
 Fan palms,  front to back to create a stunning natural wheel display
 Gae listening to see if the baby's turned
 The walkway for the artists to get on stage

 an empty bar ~~ at the moment! It'll soon be chockers

 Close ups of the walkway,

 stage, and
 inside seating.
 The bar, right inside the door for easy peasy access
Morg, Rossco and Dids, testing the set up and checking that everything's A~okay. Well done yorlyi.
Unless you've set up one of these things, I don't think anyone understands the incredible amount of work that goes into putting on the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival. It's absolutely full on, and you all deserve medals.
It's the  20th year and it's a birthday celebration. Happy Birthday  yorlyi. Have a good one!

Shanelle's Return

Shanelle came home for her Nana and Poppy's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Due to airline schedules, she didn't quite make the night................. so we had another one! so great to have her home. It's been four years since she's been back.  Please don't leave it that long again. We miss you.

50th Wedding Anniversary - Mr and Mrs Michael Perkins

Fifty years. Now that's a long, long time.  No comments on this one. I'll let the pictures say 1,000 words!