Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruthie's Birthday Party

Last week at the singalong at Allandale, Ruthie walked out of the room and Janine quickly invited us to her surprise 80th birthday party, on Sunday 31st July 2011 at Mirra's. All a bit hush hush as a surprise, but what a fabulous turn out it was. Ruthie seemed to have no idea what was happening, and family and friends kept rolling in with lovely smiles and platters of food. Hah. As if we would starve at Mirra's!

Suzie Mags singing Happy Birthday to Ruthie and what a delightful sound. We'll expect more from you Suz at the next community concert.

Tim Sheridan playing with his mobile and keeping up to date with the footy scores

Suzie and Lolly on the sofa. Made me think about our lovely Wookie. Well, Chel's lovely Wookie really. He died five days before Chel's came home from Uni. I have to say I really miss the little fellow. He was certainly not fully appreciated by me, but he's teaching me many lessons now

Family watching Fox playing his guitar. Si wi how lucky fe gut dii thing fe luk orn.

Shane doing his thing. Joy finally got in her request of "Cab Driver" and Dad decided to leave so the song only lasted the first verse. Just means she'll hassle Shane at the next singalong.

Shane on the guitar and Mirra on the organ. It was fantastic but the poet (and not an English word by the way) naewa sti deya fe lorng.

Still standing in the doorway and watching the goings on.

Suz, Lolly and Robin on the lounge, making sure that all things were ticking as they should

Shane and Foxy playing together. What a great team. All we need is Commie en Hussein, and I've only heard Bev play and sing one time, but God it was fantastic.

Sarah sang and danced the Isa Lei for us and called Ruthie to her feet to join in. It was beautiful to watch as you can see from the photo

After Daniel brought out the cake Foxy told us about their wedding day and played and sang "Red Sails in the Sunset" which were played during their wedding

Robert showing me where the food should go, where the food was going and where the food had already gone. Lots of food.

Robyn, Sarah and Mirra putting the world to rights. Dar thing fe Mesta's, "Only me and my Lord know wuthen dem three deya talken bout"

Pat McCoy. Many, many times, I've tried to get a photograph of Pat but she usually sits quietly in the background, either stitching the most exquisite pieces or knitting the most complex patterns. Not a good shot Pat, but I'm getting closer

and the day rolls on, with fun, sun and laughter

Michael sitting outside and working out what the next step might be. A beer or Hanna's trifle. God. The dilemma

Kaye Ruggie and again the beautiful view in the background. No wonder we're all happy. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday

Tim and Jeannie relaxing against the world. Both of these work in highly stressful jobs so I'd say a lazy afternoon is a very welcome break.

Merv and Joy seem to know exactly what it is they should do. Merv's just a little ahead of Mrs Parkins, but don't worry people. She will soon catch up and pass

Harvey McCoy and Christine Sheridan enjoying the music inside, where much teasing and tormenting is going on among the musicians and singers

I casually mentioned to Shane in passing that I had uploaded a photo of him singing down at Foxy's, but his mouth was torn open! Naturally he immediately wondered whether he could improve on it!

Michael and Joy outside enjoying the sunshine, with everyone else, and the magnificent view overlooking Kingston and out to the two outer Islands. Michael is continuing the conversation that Janine started about my camera and where I might place it.

It started out as a lovely photo of Vonnie and Liz on the lawn, but somewhere between shutter clicks, the whole thing turned to custard. Fortunately, the camera wasn't fast enough to capture the next ten seconds. Better left unseen anyway.

Merve and Dad sitting on the patio. I guess I'm going on a bit about the sunshine, but we've had the blessing of rain for a little while now, and the sunshine was a really warm delight

This is the very best shot that I could get of Daniel. It's actually showing the best part of him anyway. Such a charming lad.

Glorious Kingston Day

Continuing on with the very happy crew

The ladies in the lounge room, overseeing the festivities

Junie and Cynthia giving Ethan the very best attention

Janine sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine. I won't even try to tell you where she told me to put the camera

Hanna McCoy sitting inside and I believe, aataren orn Michael! But she made the most delicious trifle which we were all forced to eat

Foxy on his guitar, with a wealth of songs in his head

Foxy and Khan checking out what's going on, on the high seas. I believe that there's a fishing boat to the west of Phillip, and these two need to know who's out there!

Barley and Suzie on the back patio, keeping up with local news

Ashleigh Wilson dancing to Pearly Shells. She looked beautiful. Absolutely

Would you believe it!

Duane and Sarah called up for dinner. After weeks and weeks of my working on the blessed thing - and after Mishca taking a bite; Sarah calls up and finishes it in under five minutes! Cards anyone?

Just settling in. Flexing fingers and looking innocent.

Finished. She's finished the darned thing.

The puzzle of it all

Sarah Jenkins is into games. Keeping her little fingers busy in the evenings. The current trend is very large jigsaws, so I decided to get into the puzzle of it. The jigsaw I had to work on was incredibly, incredibly difficult. Darn!

Sarah Quintal visited so that she too could have a go. She bought her darling Mishca with her. Hmmmm

Mishca wanted to play too and so ATE the corner piece

Despite the smile, I know and Sarah knows and Mishca knows - that she DID eat it

Olly Dog

Sharyn and Mitch left for a couple of weeks to have a break, and Duane babysat the house and the Olly dog. Unfortunately, during a morning's walk, Olly was attacked by another dog that until then, he had been friends with. It was a very traumatic time for Duane, Sarah (who had been walking him) and Olly. However, a stitch in time, a night at the Vets and it's back for another walk. You will have noticed however, that I didn't post this until Mitch and Sharyn had returned and been able to check that their darling was okay.

A nasty nasty bite

A nasty bite stitched up

...and on the road again, as if it never even happened.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Green Apples

My baby girl left this morning, very early and so did Millie's baby boy. What they both must remember is that it doesn't really matter what age they get to, we're still a Mother's length ahead. I phoned the eldest to make sure that he picked her up in time. He lectured me on always phoning him to make sure he's at the airport and advised that he's old enough to understand a clock. Then at about the time she was due to arrive in BrisVegas, he texted me to say that he couldn't find her; then again to ask whether she had caught the plane; then another asking what he should do; and finally, a text from Chel saying that he was being a poopoo and that she was with him and was fine. That's okay. Two can play that game and let me assure you son of mine, my memory is as wide as the ocean and as deep as the sea. Revenge is a meal best dished up cold. Sleep well my boy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wi nor se lors auwas wieh - nort yet

Foxy seated in pride of place. Depending on the key, will depend which guitar he uses

Cousins enjoying the ambience

Foxy and Roy - Roy made the uke that he's holding. You can contact him if you would like to be a proud owner

Usually the ladies bring their ukulele’s along, but the wind must have been sitting in the wrong quarter. Never mind. With a bit of luck we badgered them enough, so that they’ll make sure they bring them next time.

and Janine's grandson Trey, getting into the swing of things. Music usually soothes his soul and he spends the afternoon keeping time to the beat. Very musical family this one.

Old friends, Old songs and Laughter

A group singalong with Shane McCoy on guitar, Foxy sometimes on guitar, Roy Nobbs on harmonica, Robin Butterfield on the uke and the rest of us singing along. Vonnie would play the spoons when it suited her

If you haven’t heard Shane McCoy sing, you’ve really missed out. His voice is amazing and I’ve often said that were he born in America he’d be a household name.