Monday, June 27, 2011

Walkin the dog

As I'm driving back to work after lunch a little white truck zooms past with Michael at the wheel and Jai and Dakota on the back. They're heading down to the beach to give Dakota a walk. To do, to do, what to do. I've had his Mother on the line asking for photo updates. Hmmmm. Drive down. Take photos. Update.

So here they are Miki

Stollin n talkin like men do

I tried and tried to get a shot of Jai jumping off the wall but either my finger or the camera, are too slow

I can get him on the wall, or I can get him on the ground, but there's no way that I can manage to get him in mid air

Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll agree. The salt sea air of Norfolk Island ain't doin the kid any harm.

Dinner at Flagstaff

Chels is home and our big boy is also. Did's bought Chinese for dinner thinking that everyone would be there. Not a problem. I'm sure that any leftovers, won't go to waste. In fact, I can guarantee it.

Socialising and doing busy things

Grabbing a quick game of golf

Tzarn walked over to the clubhouse with Mitchell and grabbed a quick game with Brett. The course was intensley green after the rains, so everything looked fresh and clean.

The camera picked them up after the windmill, and stayed with them as they came past us

and our beautiful Georgian Clubhouse. A remnant of the second penal settlement and a very good photo to show why the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Area (KAVHA) has become a world heritage area.

Walking the shores and the headland

We all amused ourselves in different ways. Duane and Jai walked along the headland across to Emily Bay and back again

They were busy chatting and comparing notes the whole way

I wanted to take many more photos, but they were too far away

Sun, sea, sand and young men! Gorgeous

Getting right into things

Someone has to look after the puppies, and we have a very handy man on hand to do just that... he keeps and eye on them and they keep an eye on him and he keeps......

Whilst some just sit waiting patiently for the food to arrive

and annoying others whilst they wait

Special visitor from BrisVegas

Busy people doing busy things as we prepare to enjoy a wee smackeral of something

Mummy and Puppy no longer live together and are absolutely delighted to see each other

JoyJoy arrives and gets to work immediately on telling us watawieh; webaut; wataim en fuwa

Putting everything in its proper place isn't quite as easy as you might imagine, beside the seaside. For starters, there's a howling gale blowing in from the south east and the chill factor could make a penguin weep

A gathering of the clan under the pines

We are very happy to have picnics. We can have them early or late, wet or dry, and today we are having a picnic to celebrate the arrival of some of us, home to the rock.

Everyone joins in. We have the trucks; the cars; the people; the chairs; and the dogs. A multitude of dogs, and each of their owners think that his or hers is the best! I myself have news for them all.

The Green Green Grass of Home

We've had rain, rain, and a little more rain so I drove up a very muddy drive and into the garage one late afternoon, after working my fingers to the bone. As I turned to go inside my eye caught the garden to the left of the garage which, for some reason known only to myself, seemed really rich and lush. So. I took a photo. Then this hellova noise hit me and Aaron came flying around the lawn, right near the cliff. He's mowing for us because he's expecting Chels off the plane morla night. What a honey!

The greenery of the garden. Soon to be a painting I'd say.

Aaron flying around the cliff

...and being his cheeky self

The wonderful month of June

Well we've had a very very exciting month. Dids Birthday; Bounty Day; Joy's birthday; Rozzie's Birthday ~ which I've told you all about, but what I haven't told you about are the visitors that we've had. Such a surprise and delight. Zed came home on the 16th then Chels and Jai both arrived on Saturday 25th with Michael. Such a delight. We've had a wonderful time, even though my working week, well actually, the last two weeks have been frantically busy, we've still managed to have a wonderful time and I'll add some posts now to keep you up to date.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The month of June

The month of June has been a pain for a very very long time. It's Did's birthday on the 7th, then Joy's on the 8th, the same day as Bounty Day and as you can see by the earlier posts, that's a day in itself. Then Rosalie's birthday. And that's what we're up to. Here is a photo of Rozzie putting her present into the truck. They look pretty spindly at the moment, but just you wait "Enery Iggins", they'll look magic in a week. The kid's got green fingers

So, we decided to go to the Orb and celebrate Rozzie's bday with a wee smackeral of food. As you can see we all piled around. Great fun. Great food.

Wendy, Tzarn and Robin are trying desperately to look as if they are not frantic for fodder. Tzarn came off the plane last Thursday and what an experience, having him home! Such a darling.

Back to a wider view. All of us, straining our necks to get a look see. Next week Chels will be with us, and that's more hugs and fun. Can't wait Chels, just can't wait. Imagine. All of us at home again.

Okay. Well I'm not too sure what's happening here. I thought I had all the photos tagged, but nope. Here's another one. I missed out blogging last week. It was crazee. So many things happening on the rock. When we go away and people say to us, what on earth do you do on a five by three mile island in the middle of nowhere? You can practically hear us groan. It is constant. At least we're never bored!

Last but definately not least, here's Miz Rozzie, being handed her own very special cake. An afghan. The only thing I've seen get through these more quickly is one of Earthworks diggers!
Anyway, Rozzie, I hope you had an absolutely fabulous day. It was wet and rainy for the rest of us so we simply drove down to Rosalie and John's, invited us in and slothed in front of the open fire all afternoon whilst they waited on us with tea and cake. Not much wrong with that people.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where DID you get that hat?

This afternoon, I'm sitting in my office at the Old Military Barracks and who should come in the door but Edie Syd. En guess whaa? She brought me the most beautiful hat. In fact, it's so lovely I had Jan Christian take a photo and I'm actually going to upload it. Bragging. Yep. You bet I am. Sharyn called down and wondered aloud why she had to keep complimenting me. Rhonda said that not only did the hat look great, but it also hid a piece of my face! Anyway. I just love it. Thank you so much Ede.

Just a little family glitch

It seems that the youngest daughter from across the sea, posted her mother a birthday parcel and therein became Number One daughter. However. It seemed that the eldest daughter from across the sea had already arranged for her Aunty on island to give her mother some flowering plants from her Aunt's nursery. It would seem therefore, that the eldest is the Number One daughter. What a bitter disappointment for the youngest daughter who had mistakenly thought, she had won the race. Needless to say, from an outsiders point of view, it is very difficult to note the difference. As far as I can tell, from the moment of their births, they've both been a spoilt as puppies!

Happy Bounty Day everyone and Happy Birthday Mrs Parks

We gathered around in the evening for a bounteous dinner and to celebrate Mrs Parkins birthday. As usual there was a wee smackeral to consume, but we managed people, we managed. We'de been down under the pinetrees at Kingston for our Bounty Day picnic lunch but as I didn't have my camera (or Dids') there is no evidence.

Cheesecake gobble gobble... gobble gobble... gobble gobble

and the table groans as we all tuck in

just showing Saz how it's done - TUCK IN

...and we're just a little tired of the camera. Go home Gaye

So endeth an absolutely lovely day. So to all, a good night

and now we're moving back to the fam damily

Shaz and Sarah joined the little children to lay flowers on the graves of our ancestors. Let's face it, we went down to put dahlia's on Dotties grave because we adored her

Duane and Saz looking very appropriate on this our National Day

....and again...

Sarah and Shaz contemplating rolling down the hill. I have to say that the urge to push was incredible

Dids holding forth on the complexities of the universe

So good to have us there today. We enjoyed it and missed those who aren't with us.