Thursday, June 9, 2011

Des Dieh es Baunti Dieh

Hetieh! Today is Anniversary Bounty Day. 155 years since the entire population of Pitcairn Island relocated to Norfolk Island on the understanding that Queen Victoria had given the Island to them as their new home. Every year on the 8th June there is a re-enactment of the landing, a march to the cenotaph where we honour the men who fought and died in the wars ~ Norfolk Island has the highest ratio of men per head of population in the Commonwealth, who went to war ~ on to the cemetery where hymns are sung, the Prayer of John Adams, written by the last Bounty mutineer, though we of course think of them as freedom fighters as they changed the laws of the seven seas for all men, then on to Government House for tea and a judging of the best dressed family, this year won by the McCoy's, and on to the beautiful shores of Kingston for a community feast.

Here we have the Evan's family, Dids, Gaye and Duane, all ready for the march.

Mitchell, his wife Sharyn, and Sarah also lining up

Duane and Saz have now worked out where they'll start from

and Dids needing a little something to help him on his way

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