Monday, June 20, 2011

The month of June

The month of June has been a pain for a very very long time. It's Did's birthday on the 7th, then Joy's on the 8th, the same day as Bounty Day and as you can see by the earlier posts, that's a day in itself. Then Rosalie's birthday. And that's what we're up to. Here is a photo of Rozzie putting her present into the truck. They look pretty spindly at the moment, but just you wait "Enery Iggins", they'll look magic in a week. The kid's got green fingers

So, we decided to go to the Orb and celebrate Rozzie's bday with a wee smackeral of food. As you can see we all piled around. Great fun. Great food.

Wendy, Tzarn and Robin are trying desperately to look as if they are not frantic for fodder. Tzarn came off the plane last Thursday and what an experience, having him home! Such a darling.

Back to a wider view. All of us, straining our necks to get a look see. Next week Chels will be with us, and that's more hugs and fun. Can't wait Chels, just can't wait. Imagine. All of us at home again.

Okay. Well I'm not too sure what's happening here. I thought I had all the photos tagged, but nope. Here's another one. I missed out blogging last week. It was crazee. So many things happening on the rock. When we go away and people say to us, what on earth do you do on a five by three mile island in the middle of nowhere? You can practically hear us groan. It is constant. At least we're never bored!

Last but definately not least, here's Miz Rozzie, being handed her own very special cake. An afghan. The only thing I've seen get through these more quickly is one of Earthworks diggers!
Anyway, Rozzie, I hope you had an absolutely fabulous day. It was wet and rainy for the rest of us so we simply drove down to Rosalie and John's, invited us in and slothed in front of the open fire all afternoon whilst they waited on us with tea and cake. Not much wrong with that people.

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Chelsea said...

Thomas and i are loving the family pics. So excited, almost there!

Love You xoxox