Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunshine and Gardens

That last post was so incredibly successful, I thought I might share more of my family with you. Now Rosalie and John live on the southeastern end of the island (which clocks in at 5 miles by 3 miles). Yep we're so tiny we're Lilliputian! Anyway, Sharyn of the Radio Norfolk fame decided to skive off today, so was given the camera. Check out her day off!

This is the front gate, and the truck that Sharyn drove (she's helping)!

Rozzie working hard in the garden - oh yes, that's right. Sharyn's holding the camera!

There to be a Daniel Rozzie, there to work alone

...and I bet there aren't too many who can do this whilst you're weeding acres of garden! That's from attending her daughter's yoga classes.


Chelsea said...

I get what Lilliputian means cos i just watched Gulliver's travels last night with jack black lol, i go to uni yes i do. Good Effort Quinlies :D xoxox

Sharyn said...

I was very busy by the way! I had sore legs to prove it! & every part of Ollie is cute! x