Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where DID you get that hat?

This afternoon, I'm sitting in my office at the Old Military Barracks and who should come in the door but Edie Syd. En guess whaa? She brought me the most beautiful hat. In fact, it's so lovely I had Jan Christian take a photo and I'm actually going to upload it. Bragging. Yep. You bet I am. Sharyn called down and wondered aloud why she had to keep complimenting me. Rhonda said that not only did the hat look great, but it also hid a piece of my face! Anyway. I just love it. Thank you so much Ede.

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Chelsea said...

Oh WOW, i think my hats better, you should have warn it for bounty, its in my cupboard, but then you wouldn't have got this one, en plus mine too guud hehe, That is a stunning hat! Ede its just beautiful. And that is a Beautiful photo of you mumma, one of the best, Great job Jan :) xoxox en daas et, waal tull next time ;) be good xoxox