Monday, June 10, 2013

A visit to Mrs Gate's

The  four little darlings went to F erny Lane Theatre to the premiere of Jodie William's video, 'It et'. A  vid on the kids at the Norfolk Island Central School Norf'k Laengwij Kaemp. What a great show, and what fun. We then strolled a cross the road to The Rock and enjoyed an absolutely delicious pre-theatre meal, then back to the Theatre to watch 'The Quartet'.   Great movie, but not quite as funny as I thought it would be, cos it's too darn close to home! Then down to Mrs Gate's for an after theatre nibble.  Of course she'd cooked enough to feed a small army, and although the beverage was tea, it didn't need anything to get the three of them going. Thank God I was there to keep the decorum intact.

Visit of Dad's cousin

My Dad's Mum's Sister's Daughter visited Norfolk and called up for a "cuppa".  So great to meet her, and to see my grandmother's eyes again!!!

 The whole kit and kaboodle out on the front verandah. Philip and Nepean Island in the background but we've blocked them out!
The two cousins in the lounge room. Dad hasn't shaved and looks like something from CJ Dennis's The Loaded Dog!!

Visits, Visits and more Visits - P & O

We've had visits from all over the place this month. The first was a P & O liner with, reputedly, 1800 visitors to come ashore.

 Unfortunately, they couldn't land due to the high surf but she still looked beautiful out on the water
 Hetieh in myse front yard. I shall no doubt be invoicing them for parking fees!!
and background to the Second Convict Settlement buildings in World Heritage KAVHA.