Saturday, August 24, 2013

T wo beautiful ladies enjoyed birthday celebrations this weekend

Some gremlin has slithered into my computer and I can't blog in the usual way, so although I can upload photos, I don't seem to be able to separate them or write in words. Both Bella and Leonie had an evening of great friends and excellent food. If you look at the blog, when you get to the bottom of the post, please press the words "OLDER POST" because that will take you to the next party. Please enjoy!

Bella's Birthday

The invitation read "A surprise Birthday for Bella". Christie and Lizzy had been very busy. Although Bella wanted to keep it quiet and private (huh!) the ladies thought that an evening of froth and bubble would be a great idea. What a fantastic way to start her new year. Now like the previous post, something's happened and although the photos have uploaded, I can't actually go in and add words! Such a shame. Specially as it would take me all day! So. Being unable to say anything (lucky reader) I will simply close down and hope that you enjoy the photos as much as Dids and I enjoyed the night. Thaenks fe aklan Belle.