Monday, October 29, 2012

Not quite sure what happened here.....

...but Saturday night's show has moved down the post list. However, scroll down and you'll soon find it. Well worth looking at the lovely ladies, even with my very poor photography.

Royal NI A & H Show ~ Commercial Vegetable Garden

Congratulations once again to David Dids Evans for his showplace commercial vegetable garden. This month Dids' Commercial Vegetable garden came in at 2nd place in the A & H Show, so I would like to share with you some photo's of Aut 'Mishan and   its prize winning acres.  Well done Dids. Huge job and the gardens look fabulous.

I'm sure that you will agree with me, that it looks supurb.  The fruit and vegetables are clean, green and delicious. Last year he took out first prize, so next year he'll have to improve a bit. Personally, I have no idea how he could possibly do that.  Did you note the five bee hives?  They're a new edition. Today at the farm you can hear the warm mellow droning of the worker bees doing their thing. It is truly beautiful out there.

Eldon D Foote Foundation

In 1985 Eldon Foote created his Foundation and the George Hunn Nobbs Memorial Scholarships, whereby Secondary School Scholarships are available for Years 11 and 12 for study at the Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Glenfield Sydney.  Those scholarships continue to this day and the Headmistress of Hurlstone Agricultural College recently came to visit. Members of the selection panel were invited to lunch by Mrs Ann Foote to meet and discuss issues pertaining to this very worthwhile Scholarship.  Norfolk Island students are very very fortunate to have this opportunity and many of our brightest have taken full advantage.

A Spectacular Feature

As many would know seven beautiful Island girls have been chosen to perform at the School Spectacular 2012, Sydney Entertainment Centre, in mid November.  There have been a number of fund raising ventures but last Saturday night saw a show of such professionalism that it can be viewed anywhere in the world.  Monica Menzies Forsyth ~ who has already made a great name for herself in organising spectacular shows ~ and obviously a whole gang of helpers, fascinated those of us who were lucky enough to attend FEATURED.

The evening began at 6.30pm with delicious Island fish and chips, and then a catwalk of surprises.  Principally it showcased the wedding dresses that are carefully stored on Norfolk in rooms and cupboards, by past brides.  They ranged from Mariah Heaps' wedding dress from 1900 through to Rebel Greenwood's wedding dress from last year.  Monica had placed the dresses in categories such as Classic, Meringue, Big Gypsy Wedding and others, with the junior Island dancers breaking each segment.

Again, those attending were also able to watch the Baunti Dancers, the seven girls who will be going offshore to perform. The girls are world class in cultural entertainment and all present were in awe of their performances. The professionalism, the smiles, the costumes.

My camera (not me) wasn't up to scratch in keeping up but these few photos will surely give you a taste of the excitement of the evening. It was a fantastic night and my only negative is that they didn't show it two nights running. Oh come on Monica! Who needs to sleep! Huge well done to all of you.