Monday, June 27, 2011

Walkin the dog

As I'm driving back to work after lunch a little white truck zooms past with Michael at the wheel and Jai and Dakota on the back. They're heading down to the beach to give Dakota a walk. To do, to do, what to do. I've had his Mother on the line asking for photo updates. Hmmmm. Drive down. Take photos. Update.

So here they are Miki

Stollin n talkin like men do

I tried and tried to get a shot of Jai jumping off the wall but either my finger or the camera, are too slow

I can get him on the wall, or I can get him on the ground, but there's no way that I can manage to get him in mid air

Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll agree. The salt sea air of Norfolk Island ain't doin the kid any harm.

1 comment:

Miki said...

you are my saviour.....Thankyou for these photo's I can now watch my boy as he enjoys his wonderful holiday on the Rock, so goo so good.

Love Miki