Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Bounty Day everyone and Happy Birthday Mrs Parks

We gathered around in the evening for a bounteous dinner and to celebrate Mrs Parkins birthday. As usual there was a wee smackeral to consume, but we managed people, we managed. We'de been down under the pinetrees at Kingston for our Bounty Day picnic lunch but as I didn't have my camera (or Dids') there is no evidence.

Cheesecake gobble gobble... gobble gobble... gobble gobble

and the table groans as we all tuck in

just showing Saz how it's done - TUCK IN

...and we're just a little tired of the camera. Go home Gaye

So endeth an absolutely lovely day. So to all, a good night


Miki said...

Hey yorlye, great photos.

love Miki

Miki said...

Oh Gaysy Gaysey Gaysey, I got it I got it.......

OOOHHHHHH I wish I was there, you look like you are all having such a great time :(

Love Miki

Miki said...

Just damn greeeeeeeedddddyyyyy............I say. So good to see all yorlye, great job Gaysey you are a champion.
Love always Miki

Miki said...

Happy birthday to my Mummy from her golden child, yes Sheree I am the golden child.

Chelsea said...

LOL miki ur classic :) They are indeed oinkers though, they got soup and mains And dessert, now thats just Rude! Love the pics though and i hope you did have a great b'day joy joy, and sheree.... and dad, gosh there's so many of you all at once its a bit much don't you think.... xoxox