Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soul Gallery taking the limelight

On Sunday mornings on Norfolk Island, Darlene Buffett is at the mike on Radio Norfolk and her morning show is immensely popular. If you want someone to know about something you're doing, or if you want interest to gather, then getting some air time with Darls is about the best thing you can do. So. Along went Mrs Evans to the Radio Station on Sunday morning and aired her opinion on the latest, newest venture in the island, the Soul Gallery at the top of the town, where Smithy's used to be! As usual Darlene was absolutely on the mark, and asked great questions which enabled me to talk about the co-operative effort of local artists to band together and sell our products on the main street.

Darls also suggested that we might extend our talents and move into the wider Pacific. This gave me the perfect opportunity to praise Pauline, who flew out on Sunday morning to present a paper at Te Papa, the gloriously huge Museum in Wellington, New Zealand. Pauline is passionate about the tapa cloth that our foremothers used to make and she's won a Churchill Fellow to study the history of the cloth. When you visit Soul you can meet Pauline (not this week, she's talking at Te Papa!), see some cloth and read her book.

This photo shows three charming and delightful ladies being charmed and delighted by the products at Soul! What a fun afternoon grew out of this visit!

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