Sunday, September 25, 2011

A busy week on the Rock ~ Planting, Driving, Finishing and Festivals

So many people, when they hear where we come from, say "what on earth do you do on a tiny island". You ~ who own this place, or who have been here, or who have lived here ~ know beyond all reasonable doubt that we are the busiest little people in the whole wide world! Let me tell you about a little piece of my week.

Norfolk Island's Holistic Living Festival
Well the Festival is over for another year and yet again it was a great success. This year's presenters were Michael Roads, Helen Barnes, Kay Harriman and Gaye Evans. I had to have a tooth extracted last Monday and the pain was exquisite! Thus, I was just slightly more off planet than usual, and didn't really make it to many of the presentations. However, I did manage to be there for the final dinner at Norfolk Blue.

Although a number of people on island came along to various sessions, the group who attended the entire festival had their own celebration and here they are. I didn't get an individual photo of Kay but you can see her in the front row in her aqua dress. Kay Harriman works with colour using her own cards that she's published and her own aromatherapy essences. She's particularly fond of working with animals and there is an immediate reciprocal love. Kay attended the Festival last year and flew in again to enjoy it this year.

Helen Barnes is a frequent visitor to Norfolk Island and is known well. Today she lives and works in both Auckland and Egypt so her time management skills are second to none. If you are looking for a fantastic tour of Ancient Egypt, working with the energies of the pyramids, then Helen is the one to contact.

Michael and Caroline Roads flew in and Michael gave a number of very popular presentations. This is his third visit to Norfolk. He now travels the world giving lectures and presentations so we were very lucky to have him as a presenter. A number of people took the opportunity to hear him and several hope to attend his Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, next March.

This is another group photograph of us at table. We didn't stop talking for very long but I did manage to get in a quick click. Did you notice the energy orb hovering above my head in the top photo? Impressive! I presented a Hot Spots tour where a number of us trailed the island, tuning in to the different energies that Norfolk holds ~ and we surely have a number of them. Elemental; Lemurian; Atlantian; Star Fields; Convict; Whales and Dolphins; Angels ~ we have them all! Great afternoon but of course, we ran out of time. Never mind. Join us next year.

Finishing - Duane has finished his school life. Here is a photo of the last school assembly for Year 12. The Chief Minister, Hon David Buffett AM MLA is giving them a speech about living life, and as I'm not allowed to blog about Duane, this is the only photo I'm uploading. Nonetheless, I wish him well.

Driving - yesterday was such a beautiful day I called in to Dad's and we went for a drive. Of course, the brain was a little slow so I didn't think to take photos until we were almost home. One of Dad's favourite sayings is "It's a pearl of a day". Well it truly was a pearl so let me share some of the day with you

A view looking out over the ocean and the shoreline to Cascade from Prince Philip Drive. It was so lovely. Gosh I love Norfolk!

This is simply a view looking back into the island because Dad was fascinated by the number of houses that have been built everywhere. Of course whilst he was growing up the population counted about 500 people and in those days, houses were hidden in among the trees. A delightful story by Graeme Cock is that when he first came here as a fireman, his boss took him for a drive and he said "Where are the people". All buildings were sheltered in among the green. Today of course, you build to be seen!

Still driving down the road from Mt Pitt but looking over the treetops to the top of Philip Island's Jackie Jackie. Great story there about a convict! Google it. I bet MCB of Devonhouse Recollection has written about it.

Driving back down the road from Mt Pitt and it is such a graceful drive

and finally...

Planting - I called out to the farm to see how things were progressing. I'm such an incredible help as you all know. Fall on floor laughing holding sides!

Here is a photo of Rosco eating snow peas. Oh no. My mistake. Here is a photo of Rosco working hard, picking snow peas!

A photo of some of the vegetables loaded onto the back of the truck for delivery to the hotels. They are fresh. They are green. They are delicious. It doesn't look it in the photo but the truck was stacked to the max.

Palm trees are planted between the rows of vegetables and sometimes, the ground has to be turned and prepared for the next season so here is Dids on the tractor, doing his thing.

Maybe in a few months, this area will be running wild with watermelons. Hmm. Summer is a comen in, loud now sings cuckoo! Is there ANYTHING better than summer and watermelon. Nope. There aint.

Please note that I've actually attached labels to this post. Smart huh.


Chelsea said...

Mmmmmmm Watermelon!!!! Save me some please yorli greedy horgs,

Paul Noyes said...

Nice shots Gaye you know Ive only been on Norfork Island for 6 months but you show me whats at oue back door allready

Millie said...

I noetes yoo bin daun in God's country gaen ... Carscade ... did you get permission fo be daun dae?