Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farewell to a Norfolk Island Icon - Laurie Pop

Well what an absolute shock to everyone who heard that Pop had passed on. I don't think anyone on Norfolk would have believed in a million years that, that would happen, and only then perhaps did many understand what an incredible life Pop had led and how many people he had touched. Not just people on Norfolk either. People from all over the place. Pop on his motor bike, telling us all exactly what had happened, where and when. I think we all thought that his funeral would be huge, but even though we expected it, it was that and more. I've scanned most of his funeral sheet because who can imagine anyone else handing them out other than Pop. They haven't scanned well, but it will give those off the rock, a small moment, to reflect. God Bless You Lau. Thanks fe uklun.

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