Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trimming Olive Trees

I received a letter from the Administration telling me that the olive trees down at the cottage had grown over onto the roadside and the big tour buses which carries our visitors around the island, were having to go over onto the other side of the road, which was dangerous to the public. I managed to refrain from telling them that on a tiny island measuring five miles by three any drongo can see one of those huge buses coming and can quickly get off the road, and that in the tiny little lanes of Ireland where the beautiful hawthorn hedges grow right down, round and up again, there are humungous trans contintental trucks roaring through at a rate of......anyway, I didn't say it. And we spent a delightful Sunday afternoon doing busy things.

Now this is Sharyn and Ollie. Whilst the rest of us were working our little fingers to the bone, she took off!

I'm working like a pack horse, trying to keep up with Mitchell who's cutting away like a lumberjack.

This is me again and I'm looking weary and blistered. Does anyone care?

Duane is d e finately helping. He and I ~ well, me really ~ had a little shouting match to get him to do it proper like, but the sweet child is still talking to me. He understands all about stress. He's really working hard though and I do appreciate it.

Maybe a little showing off to Sarah, just quietly telling her that he's the only one who is really working. Hah

You wouldn't believe the afternoon tea that Sarah brought down for us. Chelsea buns and Cornflake cookies with lemonade. A real picnic. We all had a simply marvellous time

The job that I had been dreading for ages was done from whaoh to go ~ is that really how you spell whoah? ~ in one hour. Including afternoon tea! Oh yes. And did I mention in passing. Carmen walked from where she and Sarah are living, and just managed to miss the work but arrive in time for tea! Can't say anything though. She spent all morning painting the Physiotherapy Unit at the Hospital!

Mitchell has turned the corner having completed Collins Head Road, and is now trimming back the trees along Allendale Drive. What a trooper. Thank you Mitch.

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SaZ J said...

A good job well done. And I must agree that sister of mine has impecable timing.