Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Famil at Soul Gallery

Well another great idea coming out of the collective consciousness of Soul Gallery, and we opened last Wednesday night so that those in the accommodation trade could call in and have a look. It was a wonderful night, and especially so for us. Now these photos are all over the place, so the sequence leaves alot to be desired, but you must admit, there's a heckova lot to look at.

Now check these out people. I've produced three little books! Hah. Great Authoress Moi! One is about the men going out to Philip, and it's written in Norf'k. The next one is about what you can see around Norfolk Island's shores and it is also written in Norf'k. The last has some lovely photos of just what you can see as you drive around and it's in English. Selling for a mere $16.50 it's a wonderful bargain. Step right up ...da de da da dee!

This is one of the beautiful paintings of Tihoti, our gorgeous Tahitian. The vibrant colours and energy is simply stunning in real life and I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't take photos because they simply don't do his paintings justice.

Tihoti's fish. This is also reproduced as a greeting card and with matboard so that it can be framed and hung on the wall.

I've decided that a long table can comfortably sit under the window, so with some pushing and pulling I've set up a display of the wares we're offering to visitors. I might have to borrow Did's camera again. His takes much better photos than mine. (I hate admitting that!)

Miki! This is just for you. Don't I look FANTASTIC! You really didn't have to do that but as you can see, I LOVE it. The jewellry which matches to perfection, I brought in Tanzania and have never worn because they didn't go with anything. Received alot of comments. I said to John "Do I look like the African Queen?" He said "You surely do. Wasn't that a river boat? A large river boat". Ha ha ha. He'll get his!

In case you missed it above, here's another look.

Linda has made me another mug from my aqua frangipani and you can see the coasters that make up a set. Then she broke her mug maker. What can one say. There are no words. The new part is flying in on the big silver bird and she's then going to do one from my pink frangipani. Can't wait to see that one. Such fun. And such an ego trip having my name everywhere. When I was little I would write on EVERYTHING. The pine timber walls of our home and Mum would say, The names of fools are written everywhere".
But it didn't deter me. I just answered back and so are the names of fame" Now who told me that I wonder. Probably Mum.

I'm just giving you another shot of it because there was something not quite right with the camera. It certainly wasn't me! These are the mugs with little cards, also featuring frangipani's from my paintings. It's all about me Kiddies.

...and the rest of us. This is in a corner of Maeve and Beck and Pauline's room. They really have a little piece of the South Seas in their room. Looks fantastic with different stories happening. Call in and look around. We'de love to see you.

Some of Lou's photos printed onto gallery stretched canvas. They are wonderful gifts for special people ~ weddings, birthdays, 21st. Or just for being you!

These are some coasters that I've had made from my original paintings, that match the mugs I blogged about earlier. Why does blogging sound like bragging? I have no idea.

Cristina Rose and Robin both admire Nat and Yoyo's wall. Did you know that Nat and Yoyo now have a beautiful son and we're expecting them home on Sunday.

Duncan and Gaewyn from Endeavour Lodge call in and have a look around. Pauline and Lou chat as they check out the goodies.

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