Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chelsea and the Golden Key

During Chelsea's recent visit home, she mentioned in passing that she had been invited to be a member of the Golden Key. Mummy and Daddy thought this was some kind of Uni Club. Well it is. In a way. The other day I went to the school to talk about Duane who is nearing the end of his school life, to Maxine Hughes of Griffith University who comes over to talk to our kids about going to Uni. Maxine is very well known to many people here and is a tremendous support for our young people. Anyway, she congratulated us on Chelsea's being invited as a member to the Golden Key which is the most prestigious collegiate honour society in the world! So here's a bit on Chels...and well done Darling Girl.

Chelsea Evans is attending Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus where she is studying Sociology and Social Enterprise and she was recently invited to become a member of the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society. Golden Key is the world's premier collegiate honour society and membership is by invitation only, to the top 15% of college or university 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students in all fields of study, based solely on the criteria of their academic achievements. Chelsea attended the presentation evening with her good friend and fellow student Brent Adams. On completion of her studies Chelsea hopes to return to Norfolk and work with the fascinating history of the Pitcairn/Norfolk people.

A photo of Chels and Brent, off to the Golden Key presentation.

and here's a photo of the Certificate to hang in some space on our walls ~ bearing in mind that Gaye, Dids, Chels and Duane are all artists and each space is crammed


Sarah J said...

Congradulations Chels!!

Miki said...

Oh Chel, well !!

You deserve you have worked so very hard.

Love Miki

Chelsea said...

Aw thanks yorli :) So much for not telling people lol, shoulda known xo