Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr and Mrs Geoff Gatehouse's Wedding

Last Saturday on a glorious Norfolk Island afternoon, out at Truck's Bedrock in the sunshine on the edge of a towering cliff, we watched Sophie become Mrs Geoffrey Gatehouse. It was a beautiful wedding and the guests looked gloriously glammorous. Rather than rave on I'll let the photos speak for themselves...
Isn't she just beautiful!

Mr and Mrs Geoff Gatehouse

Wesley James looking absolutely spiffing

Donald and Thomas

Mrs Gate looking absolutely divine in shot Shantung silk - with a touch of vintage Vogue

George and Bonnie (and their wedding anniversary is looming)

I simply had to take a shot of the back of Sophie's dress, because as you can see, it is gorgeous

A group shot. It was so lovely because Sophie's attendants were her parents and brother and Geoff's attendants were his parents and brother. You just can't get better than that!

Signing the Register. God I wish I'd gotten a shot of Midge walking out of her stilettoes

The Gatehouse family as it was then

Christy Wilson and Mardi Pye. Don't they look divine!

Sophie walking to Geoff across the lawn with her parents and brother

Geoff, George, Bon, Tim and Bill - what a good looking lot they are. All Quintal's you know.

Brothers Geoff and Tim

and with their parents

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