Friday, September 2, 2011

On sale at Soul Gallery

Soul Gallery has been up and running now for four months and we've been steadily increasing stock. Lou has brought in some amazing canvas's of her photography and in the last order she also placed some for YoYo's work.

YoYo is Nat Grube's husband and hails from Rapanui (Easter Island). His paintings are incredible and the reproductions on canvas should be seen to be believed.

He's got other pieces but you know what ~ if you want to see them, come and visit!
Nat paints also and has some beautiful natural jewellery made from sea washed glass and shells.

Yvon makes the most exquisite dichroic glass pendants, earrings and rings.

Cristina Rose paints incredible underwater scenes and marine creatures floating in light, and is also well known for her photography. Mary Christian Bailey creates handmade bags and purses and also very popular felted apples. I haven't any photos of Mary's incredible work but I'll find some and upload next week

Pauline Reynolds Barff has handmade tapa cloth with prints of her Tahitian husband's designs.

Suzanne Evans has a range of goodies which include lino cuts and Norf'k laengwij.

Maeve Hitch and Karlene Christian do demonstrations of island weaving and offer oil paintings; bookmarks; woven hatbands; shell jewellery; books and cards.

Now we have a frangipani wall because Lou's been playing. She's taken a little bit from each of us who have done frangipani's that will fit onto the wall and made her own unique display. Go girl!

These are Lou's photographs printed onto gallery stretched canvas

I haven't mentioned Lou yet. She's into photography and light and reflections. She's also into transposing them onto canvas prints which make amazing gifts for those both on and off island.
I think that's enough. Come in and have a look. It's looking great.

Oh. and last but not least, my day on today. I've been very very busy. Cups, little books in Norfolk, cards, soaps, and a table to put them on. Here's a beautiful shot of me, doing busy things.

Call in and visit me next Saturday.


Ruth Blattman said...

Gaye, I really enjoyed scrolling through your site "Sold at Soul Gallery". There is really beautiful content and I am very impressed. Ruth from Cooma NSW

Millie said...

Normal sullun dress up in a rags when dem paint ... but not Gaysie :)