Friday, March 9, 2012

All Saints Church ~ March again

It's the month of March. In March our great great grandmother, Selina Buffett, cleaned All Saints Church. In later years she was joined by her daughter Ubba". On Ma's passing my mother Dottie then joined in and as the world turns it's now Joy's, Rosalie's and my job. This morning for some reason known only to God I woke at 6.30 am. (I know! and it's still not raining!) Anyway, remembering what day it is, I rose out of bed (gracefully) and went to clean the church. (I know! Incredible)

Quite apart from vacuuming the carpet, dusting every surface, arranging flowers etc etc, there is the cleaning of the brass. If anyone would like to experience this, then please come down to All Saints next Saturday morning ~ not too early, that happens only rarely

The alter in the early morning light - Looks pretty clean huh

The font filled with flowers. All Saints Church was built as the Commissariat Store for the convicts sent to Norfolk Island when it was a British Penal Colony. When the Pitcairners arrived, it became their church. The energy as you walk into the church whispers of years and years of worshipful devotion

The ground floor ~ does not! It is rarely used and still has the steps and stonework made by the poor creatures who were sent out to Norfolk ~ a hell on earth.

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Chelsea said...

Awww Look lovely yorli, wish i was there to helo :) xoxoxox