Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day in Tweed

Our Chel’s away at Uni and we miss her very much
We worry that she’s missing out on all the fun and such
But then some emails lob right in and we can clearly see
That our dear Chel’s ain’t missing out at all ~ it’s Dids and me

Pip and Miki picked her up with Puds and Jai there too
And drove on down the coast abit to find something to do
They stopped to rest at Shelly’s place to have a little chat
With Ruth and Foxy, Janine too ~ what do we think of that?

I’ve told you Norfolk Islanders are very fond of food
Not that we’re obsessed or greedy cos that would sound quite rude
No, it’s just we’re connoisseurs of food and drink and treats
Of lobster, chicken pie and feta; of anything that’s sweet

And a chocolate cake made just for me! though I’m not there to eat
I’m over on our little Isle, getting thinner by the beat
I’m used to treats at Allandale, pie and cake and slice
To eat a chocolate cake for me, whilst away in Auz, aint nice

They’ve got the table set right up, out in the garden eating
It’s legs are groaning from the weight and my little heart is beating
Chris cooked fresh water lobster ~ “Delicious” was Chel’s word
She sent a photo of it ~ the blasted little nurd

Chicken pie, lobster pie, a slice of spinach and feta
beautiful salads, an entrée of Muffins ~ “Hey Mum, what’s the matter?”
Shell cooked you a chocolate cake, it couldn’t have been better
All this lovely food for us and a wonderful fruit platter.

Chel said they thought about me, but I think she’s just a liar
By the time they’d finished up, dem haew a do simes Sia
Cos Jai boy had a soccer game in Bris that afternoon
An important semi final and he had to get back soon

Chel said it was a lucky thing ~ to head to Bris was right
ala dem se bally up en se sti deya hoel night
Shi tull dem haed de baes dieh aewa, de greedy letl cus
En inaa car, dem daa mahoen cos orl se moosa bus!

I’m looking at the photos but I won’t do my block
I’ll just pray to God above that noen a yorlyi chok!

Jai and Miki checking out the highway, the river and the bridge. Naturally, Chel didn't tell me where or when!

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msmi1272 said...

Oh and what lunch was had. A nibble here and a nibble there, next thing you know, we se morsa bus.......Chris and Shelly's restaurant is definatley one we will be frequenting on a regular basis.

Love Miki - Life is good