Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miss Rylee Buffett Davidson

This morning I was the lucky recipient of more photos of Miss Rylee. Isn't she an absolute treasure. I have already asked Alma to bring her home. Don't know what her parents would say about that! Probably won't let her, the selfish things.

Miss Rylee as a precious newborn

Alma already looking dotingly at the tiny fingers around which Alma is wrapped

Daddy and Rylee relaxing together on the rug

Simon and Rylee ~ what a gorgeous photo.

You can see in this photo that Rylee is an absolute Mini Me of Simon. What a cutie.

I asked Alma if this child has a Mother! Evidently we will receive photos of Hayley when Hayley is good and ready. Well done her! Huge congratulations to Simon and Hayley. What an absolute joy!

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