Friday, March 9, 2012

A Big THANK YOU to Norfolk Air

The Minister for Tourism, Industry and Development held a small gathering to give a well deserved thank you to the team of Norfolk Air. There were smiles amid the regrets and for those of us who believe that Norfolk Air did a fine job, a big thank you from us also.

Andre, Glen and Bart

Christie and Ngaire

Barb and Larry

Christie and Emily

Couldn't help but take a photo of this little man, obviously enjoying himself very much

Glen, Carmen and Craig - Aunt Jen must be SO proud!

Juliet, Jos and Rhonda

Audrey and her man

Kim and Andre

Lisle, Bruce and Andre

Martin, Steve and Craig

Melissa and Christie

Mr Owen Walsh

Richard and Joyce

Robin and Becky

Sharyn and Tania

Riki and David

Tim and Karen
A small gathering for a little over an hour, giving well deserved thanks for a job well done.

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