Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend of Beach and Bicci's

Being rather busy all last week and not having a camera I passed the responsibility of blog photos over to Saz. She came up trumps ~ as usual ~ and emailed me the following photos. I hope you enjoy them

A view of our beautiful Kingston beachfront on an equally beautiful Pacific summer's day

Aatuti (little rock fish) swimming unconcernedly in the lagoon with Duane and Saz and they're snorkelling

Duane on the reef that runs along the outside of the lagoon, thereby keeping all things nasty well away and out to sea

...another snapshot of Duane (remembering it's Saz's camera) enjoying the peace of the Pacific

...and in the water scaring away the innocent marine life!

Later that same afternoon Saz had a brainwave. She would bake my very favourite biccis/cookies. What a pearl of an idea

Here's the recipe, beautifully presented as all her work is

Biccis/cookies with half of them cooked and almost ready for me

Loading up the trays and ensuring that there'll be enough for the three of us!

Mixing the dough and generally teasing us as the smells assault our little noses

A closeup of the beautiful bouquet of flowers that she brought to Flagstaff

Gifts ~ bouquet of flowers, porpieh, biccis/cookies, stawberries etc. Love you Saz

What an absolutely wonderful way to spend a weekend.

Then Duane got in on the act and made us pikelets with porpieh jelly and cream. Nom Nom Nom. Missing you Chel!

Finally a photograph of the setting sun sending the last glorious rays across Kingston.


SaZ J said...

It was a magnificent weekend!

Chelsea said...

OK thats just Nasty! Totally Jealous of the whole thing. Looks wonderful, so glad yorli nawah chok... kidding. Thanks so much for the pics sarah they're just beautiful! and my mummy for sharing, its makes me homesick but happy yorli are having fun... generally stuffing yourselves ;) Love you all, and Duaneass are those My goggles.... I believe so. <3 xoxo