Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dawn over Kingston, Norfolk Island

Something that I haven't seen for many many years is the sun rising out of the ocean from our home at Flagstaff. Dids however, watches this every morning. He tells met that not all of them are spectacular, but the dawning last Thursday was exceptional. These are two of his photos and I hope you enjoy them.

As the sky lightens in the east you can see the outline of Emily Bay and Lone Pine

The sun rises higher and the lights stream across the sky. Dids has zoomed in on the three pinetrees on the lefthand side of the photo above. God Bless all aklan!


Chelsea said...

Awwwww yu maiken i homesick! en i nor even yuusa si dem sunrise ;) you've been such a busy girl, i'm so impressed, and so excited cos we just got internet put on today YAY so i will be waiting with baited breath to see your next post :D Love you mumma xoxoxox

Millie said...

Gaysie ... yoo need fo get outa baed earlier .. en yoo el see dar sun rise every morning

Miki said...

Absolutley Beautiful, no where else in the world has a sun rise like it. Although that is just an assumption ,cause I havn't been all over the world yet. I'm workin on it!!

Love Miki