Friday, March 9, 2012

Thelma's Birthday Party

We received an invitation to Thelma's birthday party. Unfortunately I didn't read it properly did I, so instead of reading starts at 2.00 pm I read the piece that said fried fish and food at 5.30pm. Well when I realised my massive mistake, I took off anyway and thought at least I could apologise to Thelma. She said that it didn't matter because it was going all evening, and as the golfers finished their game they would be joining in.

I then told her that my ulterior motive was to take some party snaps so that Nellie could view them. Thelma agreed wholeheartedly and so here they are Nell.

Thelma and Millie ~ Millie insisting that they started Kindergarten together. No wonder Miss Bataille had a grey hair!

Rob and Tina. Great couple. He showed me how to take better photos. Let's view on and see if it works!

Thelma standing in her doorway, greeting guests

Diesel trying to tell me that he looks gorgeous. (I was talking about the baby Diesel!)

Poor, poor Rees!

Thelma, Dinty and Phil ~ I snapped this between mouthfulls

Thelma and Belinda ~ who seems to be in alot of the snaps

Sue suggesting where I might place the camera

Sam, Allen and James having "man talks" out by the cooker

Rob and Tina showing off to the crowd

Phil displaying his tattoos like some Bird of Paradise preening

Pa and Jane ~ I just caught him before he drove off

Edie following close behind me, also got in on the snap

Millie - I guarantee ef I visit one closet in Israel I gwen a find et deyah

Mark Wellington, Kiri, Ummi en Mrs Ummi

The Evans Clan minus two ~ Lou, Edie, Jean, Borry, Fran and Jan Bradley

Belinda and Terence joining the party

Dinty raiding the drinks cabinet

Chris, Karenne, Gloria Arthur en two more I kaa who's. Gloria has some old photos which she says are seriously worth looking at! Huh. I wunt a si et.

Belinda (yet again) and Kiri's beautiful doll like baby

The sunset over the duck damn on the way home. Unfortunately I'm not very good at taking sunsets so imagine alot more red... Hah! The incredibly talented Cristina Rose read my blog and sent me the above photo of my photo with alot more red!

...and over the pines as I'm heading up to Flagstaff. A beautiful ending to a perfect day. Happy Birthday Thelma

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