Friday, March 9, 2012

Precious Memories, how they linger

It's been one year since our Darling Kathy LeCren moved from this realm. Anyone who knew her was blessed because she was a being of golden light. Her off island family returned to Norfolk for the week and I was privileged to join them for a Hungi, a traditional Maori feast cooked slowly underground on hot rocks.

Sarlu was of course a prime presence. I wish I'd taken a photo of the valley behind the verandah because it is absolutely beautiful. A scene right out of Lord of the Rings"

Shelly and Marley enjoying the feast

The table of goodies ~ pork, lamb, beef, corn bread, tomatoes onions cucumber in cream, chicken, turkey, bananas, kumera, pumpkin etcetera, etcetera and cream pie.

A blurry shot of Sarlu and Michella as Michella tries desperately to dodge the dreaded camera.

Jon, Sarlu and John

Mags ~ doing just one of the things he does best

Jon ~ came home for the week and his sisters were delighted to see him

Shelly dobbing on Marley ~ and I've found out this afternoon that Shelly is just a dobber all round!

Chrissy looking gorgeous

John, who flew in with Marley, from New Zealand for the week

Greg wearing a gorgeous black and red silk creation that I gave to him. It's been driving around in my car for about two weeks. Periodically Greg receives a hat from me for his lovely head. The first came from Trinidad many years ago. He has, of course, returned the gesture by weaving for me a beautiful, traditional Island hat

Chrissy ~ again ~ looking gorgeous ~ again! She said she didn't take good photos so we're just proving a point here. She does!
Thaenks fe me orl yorlyi


Chelsea said...

<3 Aunty Kathy <3 forever in our hearts

Truk (Lorraine Walker said...

We love her dearly and treasure our memories of a beautiful friend. Great blog Gaye well done.

Tracie Scullion said...

Kathy was a beautiful person who emanated an inner light. she was so vibrant and vital. i remember her showing me her nursing notes from many years ago when she first trained..and her traditional Norfolk cooking was just out of this world. i came across this post whilst searching for Shell...finally ive found her..if you read this i'm really sorry Shell..i think of you often. i did the wrong thing by you . i dont even know why. wasnt thinking straight. let me know what i can do to make it right. Tracie xx