Sunday, February 26, 2012

Down on the farm...

Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling bored so the best thing to do is.... Go and annoy Dids. He's busy planting out seed trays. A farmer's life is ruled by seasons and each phase of the moon gives him detail for future crops. I'm pretty sure he'd love to see me. Specially if I just lounge about in a chair and watch him work. Wouldn't you?

Concentrating on the job in hand

Can you imagine the patience required to stand there planting tray upon tray of impossibly tiny seeds? The steadiness of hand and eye. No wonder I'm sitting in a chair watching

Then finally taking it next door to the open sunlight, so the seeds can do their thing.

You will see from my next post that he eventually sent me outside to photograph the last flight of Norfolk Air. I failed dismally, as I misjudged the amount of time the camera would take to get ready for the next shot, and therefore, missed the moment of landing. So I then amused myself by wandering around the farm, taking random photos of the flowers around the seed shed. No roses though. That's for it's own special post. His roses are beautiful!

These are carrot flowers. The plants that have gone to seed in the late summer heat have thrown their own flowers. Aren't they lovely

This is the white ginger. The frangrance is absolutely beautiful and very strong. You can smell it as you approach the doorway. This plant was gifted to me by Bill Sanders many years ago. He promised it would be red. As you can plainly see ~ it's white!

A red flower growing outside the tractor bay. I have no idea what it's name might be but it's quite lovely. Some tropical something

An akashia tree growing in the front by the roadside showers the greenery with its vibrant yellow blooms

...and the blue flower hedge throws its misty blue along the long line of trees which separates one field from another. I may not have done anything useful but what is achieved in an afternoon, walking among flowers? Not one second has been wasted.

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