Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls Night Out ~ and we did Beccy Cole's proud

What on earth is Australia doing now that we've got Naomi? What a honey. With the last flight of Norfolk Air looming steadily closer, Susan Worthy is going back to the land of Oz, so Nomes being Nomes, arranged for a Girls Night Out!... and what a night, it really was. A get together to farewell Susan and wish her well on her journey

Susan and Leeann ~ obviously a very close comradeship had grown in the Norfolk Air office with Leeann teaching the girls to "toughen up!"

Gaye and Kim ~ what a very fun night was had by all to be sure

Kim and Nomes ~ eat your heart out Australia ~ Naomi's ours now

Nomes, Sonja and Susan ~ you're starting to get the picture with this gathering?

Kim and Wendy ~ up the far end of the table in the dark, but echoes of laughter through the restaurant let's us know that they're still there

Kaye and Lou ~ honestly if the conversation around the table could be put onto a CD it would be a best seller within the week

Terry and Gaye ~ and some threat about breakfast at Flagstaff ~ huh, they'd be lucky

Leeann and Paula ~ it's Paula and Terry who are threatening to walk up the steps to the top of the cliff and thus into my front yard, early one morning. I'm fairly positive that Did's will be delighted to see them.

Lou, Susan and Leeann ~ what villainry is afoot?

Kim, Wendy, Kaye and Lou ~ a night to remember and to oft be repeated. We'll miss you Susan. Hey Nomes, that might be a good reason to have another night out! A night to remember absent friends ~ we can justify anything if we want to

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