Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patricia's 70th Celebration

Saturday night was wet and miserable but that didn't stop the guests from arriving at the Parish Centre to help Patricia Buffett celebrate her 70th birthday. What a delightful gathering. The evening was tinged with some sadness as Pat's children weren't able to join her as the planes had turned back due to low fog and strong winds. Nonetheless, those gathered helped as best they could to celebrate her wonderful life.

His Honour the Administrator Mr Owen Walsh, Patricia and Mrs Bianca Walsh

Patricia's two sisters flew in from far and further

The shy and retiring Pitcairn Trent

Close friends and neighbours for many, many years, Albert and Jeanette

Arthur with his delightful daughter Evie. None of us present could believe how tall she'd grown

Bianca, looking stunningly beautiful

Albert assisting with the carriage of food ~ and there were plateloads and plateloads to carry!

Margaret and David ~ Steeles Point was well represented

Dr Jenny and Pat Anderson ~ who also had a birthday today

Patricia receiving well wishes from Janelle

Mick from the Met office and his friend

Debbie and Spider

Mrs Fitz and Maria

Dr Jenny and Rozzie

Jeanette looking as glamourous as ever

John ~ how's the finger Bro? Many stitches?

Jan in a beautiful blouse ~ en tek ieges fe getieh foetoh

John Smith

Leslie looking charming

...and Bill, obviously gazing at her

Liz Chapman Calder with well wishes for Patricia

Lorraine looking beautifully serene

Marianne Ryan

Margaret with John who is posing for the camera

Pat McCoy ~ who ALSO has a birthday today ~ is this Saint Patricia's Day or something ~ with Jeanette

Merv doing his best to assist me in taking a good shot

Owen and Kaye

Patricia and John

Good friend Trevor

Peter and Dr Jenny

The very very necessary worker bees checking out the complexity of the Universe

Robin, a dear friend

Rob Ryan ~ sorry Donna, you were all blurred ~ my photographic skills no doubt

Trevor and Patricia

Trent entertaining us with his wonderful voice and Vonnie helping him along

A great night Patricia and we wish you lots and lots of good wishes for this coming year ~ and always. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend

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