Sunday, February 26, 2012

Robin's Return for another year

Friday 24th February and Madam Adams celebrated another year. After a full day of celebration and before going out to dinner, a small but very select group gathered under the towering Norfolk Pine at Camelot gardens, and raised a glass or two

Gathered around the table with glee, well wishes and much laughter ~ not to mention food and wine

Hi Robbie, Good to see ya

May the sun be always at your back

A photo of the table from the other end, just in case I missed anyone. I'm not too sure what Andrea's doing. She may well be singing I think

Amber and Missy showing everyone just what to do at such gatherings

Jodie being so kind as to help Amber re-arrange Andrea's hair

A final picture of the afternoon with Andrea bedecked in ribbons, thanks to the agile fingers of Miss Amber Bigg

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