Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tampali and Tuning Forks

Another singalong evening on the Rock but this time out at Donald Reynold's hall. A small group gathered to enjoy the evening and also to say farewell to Tony who's going to Aust on the weekend

All assembled in their places

Donald at the piano tuning the uke

Vonnie (No show without Punch) Don Bryant and Clare, getting ready

Melinda and Junie. It really doesn't matter how hard they try, innocence eludes them!

Cynthia, smiling beautifully because she knows that I can't see to focus! Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of Mrs Butters who was also looking particularly lovely that evening

The star of the night. Mr Tonno Gizzard. Come home soon brud.

Vonnie and Don ~ what a pair to have sitting together!

Clare and Donald, getting the programme in order

Tony Lette is visiting the island. He tunes the piano's for us and keep all the instruments sane in this insane humidity. Mudgie is listening and I'll just bet that Peter is behind her, up to naughty tricks. I had to keep moving because there was another function just down the road at Dino's.
I left Dino's at 10.15 and noticed bright lights still on at Tampali when I drove past. Made a quick decision to go home and did so, much to my disappointment today when Mrs Butters tells me that the evening went on til after 1am, with people calling in from the Opera in Paradise crowd, George Smith and Andre, with Don Bryant and Peter Guile singing, Tony's friend singing Crazy and all in all, a fabulous night, enjoyed by everyone. Oh well. Next time me.

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