Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mikel's Birthday

February the 3rd and Mikel has reached another milestone. Mrs Parkins was feeling a bit down as Kyran's 21st is happening in BrisVegas morla night and she would love to be there. Nonetheless, we gathered and did what we do best. Eat!

Nom, nom, nom

Mikel, who is relaxing on his day of days

Joy ~ who was told to smile!

Duane who, as you can see, is getting right into the whole party spirit

Chelsea and Sharyn, the red blob is Mitch who doesn't like my camera

Family at table ~ the blurring are the spoons rapidly moving into the dishes and back to plates

...and again, Mikel relaxing as his guests do whatever they darned well please. Enjoy Mikel. Have a great year

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