Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kyran's 21st

February the 4th and it's Kyran Michael Steele Buffett's 21st. Those in BrisVegas decided to hold a small gathering of some seventy people to celebrate. Unfortunately none of us could be there. Even if we could, the planes wouldn't allow it, as due to the low lying fog, most airline schedules were shot to pieces, and we on the island stood and listened as they circled the runway, trying to land. Few did.

Guests at Bellbowrie

Trent and Jai doing busy things

Smitty surveying the land

Trent ~ is this the little boy who left Norfolk? What's he doing, feeding himself on concrete?

A wee smackeral of something to enjoy. See! It's not only on Norfolk that we go crazy over food

Smitty came home from up North as a surprise. His delighted wife stood on two esky's to greet him

Sheree, Shelly and Mip ~ hah. No words, no words

Shelly and Pip. Hope they didn't start the old "memba daa time" game. But they were never caught!

Ross McCoy features here. Should you look back through the blog Ross you'll see your party animal parents featured throughout!

Alana features here looking lovely as ever

Alana and possibly her man. I've never met him. Bout time they visited

Everyone gathered in

Backyard at Bellbowrie all rigged out for celebrations

Kyran's cake, wishing him well. They could have shared with us you know

Grin, doing what Grin does best

Grin, Pip and Shell ~ what a trio

Alana with her baby brother Jai ~ hardly a baby. He's taller than Miki. But then....

Kyran and his cake

...and again

...and again

Kyran ~ sorry we missed it mate

Nean en Shell ~ slightly blurred but probably Miki too it

Kyran. Congratulations on reaching your 21st Kyran. Wishing you a truly wonderful life from us all on the rock.

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