Monday, February 27, 2012

Twentysix Red Roses

I walked in home yesterday evening and there on the lounge room table stood my tall cobalt blue vase holding a bouquet of twentysix roses. It was absolutely glorious and the frangrance that filled the lounge room was exquisite. Whilst standing there, lost in admiration, Duane came in and said They're not yours you know". Well! So much for me. It was ~ evidently ~ his gift. So I thanked him for sharing them with us ~ after all, they are in the lounge room!


SaZ J said...
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SaZ J said...

I;m Sorry Gaye! nest time I will make sure I bring some for you too!

SaZ J said...

I notice you didn't mention the Bucket FULL of FIGS that I brought as your present!