Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mrs Bear's Tea Party

Sunday mornings are a time to delight oneself, and there is no better way than to stroll up to Mrs Bears and enjoy pikelets, porpieh jelly and cream. With a bit of luck David's working in his shed and we don't even have to see him, but usually his personal GPS lets him know the minute that the dainties hit the table, and within four seconds ~ there he is! This day was no different!

Here he is working hard in his shed, and far away from us. It was wonderful

Then Jonathan arrived and the two of them strolled in ~ totally uninvited of course. In fact, we insisted that they leave. Dem naewa. John was telling Chelsea of his school days. I believe his description was that "he was the epitome of propriety!" It is said that age can blurr one's memories!

Janet, Brigette and the cat standing at the top of the stairs. Fascinating cat. It's the size of a dog!

Brigette and Janet ~ they've been very very busy

Janet's garden gnome

Brigette, Janet and yours truly after several platters filled with food

Catdog ~ I'm onto you pussy cat! Hey Boss, let's shave him!

Brigett, Janet and Chelsea. Definately Tea Party supreme

David and Janet ~ what a wonderful morning. Thanks fe aklan

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