Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day and Soul Gallery

Cristina emailed Soul Sistas to say that Suzanne had come up with a great idea. We would have a Valentine's Day LOVE exhibition which would open on Sunday 12th February and run until the 14th. What a great idea! Seems we've all been waiting for a push to start something new and this gave us the push we wanted. So! Put on our creative caps and start moving...

I've decided on little folk art hearts, so spoke with David about going out to his shed and working the scroll saw. This is fine by him, so hetieh me, doing the hard yards

Alot of planning goes into these little creative splurges. First you have to think of the idea, then move from thought to reality, then find wood, then trace...

But what an excellent job I'm doing. Just as long as people realise that hand made hasn't quite the same meaning as machine made, with a perfect shape each time

Back home and snug in my little work area, still at the preparation stage. There's sanding and sealing, underpainting and...

...being disturbed by children with camera who wish to record each moment of truth

...and again. Is this karma from my constant snapping for the blog, do you think?

Some painted and I'm standing back to admire. Yep. Someone is sure to love these. What are they for? You hang them on doornobbs, and handles, sky hooks and kitchen cupboards. Any place that needs a lift of lovin

Se musa dan. Himii orn de hoem stretch nau

Then up to SOUL to set them up

Hanging them on the wall to display for the people

Sunday afternoon and all are gathered on the verandah to enjoy some fun time and camaraderie

and of course ~ food, drink and merriment. Happy Valentine's Day orl yorlyi


Miki said...

Nice to see you getting back into your creative side.

love Miki

Sharyn said...

GREAT hearts!!!!